Friday, September 07, 2007

See You Later...

First of all, I need to say that the photo above has absolutely NOTHING what so ever to do with the content of this post. There's no doubt he looks hot but the person I am gonna talk about is not just hot but also a real heart throb for me (although they don't look alike at all).

Who am I talking about? Remember the guy I met online recently who was willing to share my first time with me? Guess what? I met up with him just now for dinner at a café on Mt Coot-tha and I had a wonderful time (even there was no sex involved) simply because he had a lot more to offer (personality wise) than just looks. We stayed at the café for two hours or so talking about emotional issues of moving country and starting a new life (as he also moved to Australia recently from England). As we shared some of our experience and thoughts with each other, I suddenly felt there was a connection between us (more of a friendly type of connection). Seriously, tonight was definitely my best Friday night ever since I arrived in Brisbane.

So, will we meetup again? Well, you bet we will, however, it won't be happening till October as both of us will be going on separate holiday one after another. For the next 9 days, I will be traveling up to the single largest organism in the world, The Great Barrier Reef to do some diving and sightseeing, and when I come back, he will be off to Thailand for 3 weeks. But don't worry guys, I will let you know when my BIG DAY comes! Until then, have a pleasant week and I will see you again after my holiday!


Hooperfan said...

That's great new Pr8! You're making me jealous as I'm in the same boat as you as far as romance goes (or at least I was until you met your guy).

PR8 said...

LOL! So far there is absolutely no romance between us as he is not looking for a relationship at this time, but I can see we can be friends and fun mates, which I have no problem with.

Men By Fork said...

Thats great news! Congratulations (Or what you say :P)

Enjoy your vacation :)

FlipFlopsBoy said...

Very good! I am glad you met him and had a great time! Hope there are more to come!

Have a great holiday!

ted said...

PR8, Good for you! I am jealous too... :) Enjoy your holiday, come back with some great pict.

alexsander said...

ahh thats sweet! hope the second date goes well

Have fun in your trip!

Not So Single Guy said...

wait..lemme get this straight. Are you a virgin?

Christian said...

Have a great vacation! Good luck to you and your Prince William.

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expressmen said...

enjoy your vacation...

tiggahtigz said... sweet! Congrats on your wonderful night together. The time apart will definitely make the next time more special because you'll miss him so much! I look forward to hearing how it goes. Enjoy your trip. It sounds very exciting :)


jimg29 said...

Behold PR8 you're such a delightful godsend! Now let me kiss your ass! Mmwaahh! :)