Friday, October 05, 2007

La French Touch...

Round muscles of indoor athletes, pictures of a classical virility, but also men as they are in real life, as forged in Paris' streets, more reserved in their apartments, with a softness in the eye and an ineffable presence. These are the vision of Marc Bessange, a French photographic talent from Paris.

Pr8: First of all, thanks for doing this interview with me and visiting The Ministry of Pleasure, how did you come across my blog? And what do you think of it?
Marc: Well, I visited some gay blogs and you know most of them have a link list in the sidebar. I saw the name of your site, and as it is a great name, very promising, I just clicked. I like it because it's not a simple gay blogs with tons of photos. There are real articles, it's very informative and sexy. And you always have a great eye when selecting the photos. Every guy is gorgeous. I really like the way you display photos as well (the rounded corners). Details are important.

So Marc, which part of France are you originally from and where do you reside now?
I was born in the very cold, gloomy, and str8 north of France. As soon as I reach 18, I moved to Paris, that I've never left since then.

Do you think the French are romantique? Are you?
Not at all. It's a cliché. It maybe true in the 50's but everything has changed. In addition I think Paris is very different compared to the rest of the country. Paris is multiracial, multicultural. People are so different that you can't generalize. Many people abroad still see France as a romantic country, and Paris is the most beautiful city in the world. That's not true. It's an old country, quite 'agonizing' I think. Many values have been lost, and romance is one of them. Paris a quite a hell for people living here, but for tourists, I can understand they see it as a romantic and beautiful city, when the weather's fine, which is getting rare, due to global warming (I'm quite angry because we had a rainy summer, and today it's raining again. I can't stand rain anymore!)

Do you work as a full-time photographer? Tell me how you got started in male art photography.
No, I'm not. I have some problems with making money with my photos. I can't see it as a job. I tried, but it was awful. I don't produce a lot of photos as it's a slow process for me. I can't produce photos when I'm asked to do. I need to be my boss and I'm quite a lazy boss.

Are there any particular photographers that you admire or draw inspiration from? What drives your creativity?
Actually not =) I don't see my photography as art, and I'm mostly interested in the process than in the results. What I enjoy is more sparing time with my models, meeting different people, and making pictures of them. Shared moments and memories are more important. So I don't take much attention to what others do. Regarding creativity, I don't think I'm creative. When I first started, I was confused because I couldn't create anything, I couldn't find my style, I had no message. Then I finally understood that it was good to have no creativity. My point is that my job is to unveil my models, to show who they really are. So everything in the pictures come from the models, not from me.

I noticed all your models are young, sexy, and natural look. Do you have a certain type of guys you go for? And where and how do you find your models?
I don't have a type. I know what I don't like, like professional models (sorry), or models who know how gorgeous they are. I prefer natural guys. I find my models on the street, at random. I like to work with beginners. It's more interesting than dealing with someone who know how to look at the camera. I also need to appreciate the models, and of course, to work with someone with a great personality, and with a brain. It's not just about making pictures, so the body and the face are secondary. When you spend many hours shooting a guy, it's easy to get bored if the guy is just looking great but nothing more. To sum up, I'm making portraits, not just pictures of great faces and perfect bodies, so they'd better be great in the inside too.

If you could pick ANY man to be featured in your photo shoot, who would that be?
Someone famous? Well, I really like Josh Harnett. Ten years ago, I would have told you Jean Galfione, a French athlete. But generally, I always prefer unknown guys I can find right at the corner.

Where would you like your photography to take you?
I've no idea =) I don't think about that. I've been taking photos for 15 years now, and I just hope to keep loving that. I know I'll never be a famous fashion photographer but I'd love to win the lottery and make pictures everytime, just for myself, and the people who like my photos.
What can we expect next from Marc Bessange? Will there be a third book?
I'd like to do a new book, but as I told you the results is not the best part for me. I'm not very good at using my photos, so I'm not trying to find publishers for now. I should, but I prefer to find new models, and make new sessions.

Madonna. Oui ou Non?
Not anymore. I still like her songs, but I can't stand her anymore.

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