Sunday, October 21, 2007


Not your typical gay calendar with month after month of photos of boys next door, Abercrombie jocks, and hard buff hunks, BAD BEHAVIOUR 2008 is a collection of fetish inspired images, celebrating the art of fantasy and the expression of alternative desires. These dark, erotic fantasies are created with great sensitivity and detail, making them captivating, beautiful, and sexy.

Melbourne photography duo Ross Brownsdon and Travis de Jonk have established themselves as two of Australia's most successful photo- graphers both commercially and artistically. They have had numerous exhibitions and contributed to leading publications, both locally and internationally. This is their first calendar and they are currently work- ing on a more hardcore version for 2009!

Holy sh*t, BAD BEHAVIOUR 2008 is probably one of the most erotic yet artistic calendars I've ever seen. I just love the concept and the visual impact behind each photo, and even seems there's a story in each one and all combined make a big story! Absolutely fabulous! Umm, I guess I'm gonna have to put in my order =P

Personally, I think this calendar is more fun and sexier than Steven Klein's Dieux du Stade 2008, just look at April's Mascots' Threesome and December's Batman & Naked Robin! Having said that, I do enjoy drooling over the dirty and greasy AFL players in Pedro Virgil's Naked for a Cause. What say you?

Talking about bad behaviour, I have found THIS naughty video called 'Skater Jack' for you to enjoy. And just a word of caution, it may make you wanna shoot a giant load in no time! I know I'm BAD =P


FlipFlopsBoy said...

But you are so GOOD when you are BAD! ;-)

expressmen said...

very nice entry. cute calendar

Hooperfan said...

Afraid it's not my kind of calendar. I do have fetishes but none are featured in this calendar so it does nothing for me. I think I'd rather have the Dieux Du Stade.