Friday, October 26, 2007

Time Travelling With...

Last night, I was absolutely blown away by Darren Hayes's The Time Machine Tour at the QPAC. Performing songs from Savage Garden to his new, highly personal album This Delicate Thing We've Made, the Brisbane-born singer journeyed from exuberant pop to raw ballads via 80s synth-infused disco with his beautiful voice.

The ingenious incorporation of high-tech projections and spectacular laser lighting made time travel seem momentarily possible with surp- rises at every turn. But the blow-out performance was when a gigantic origami bird folded out of the set's backdrop half-way through the song Casey, which brought the show to a climax.

Seriously, Darren totally rocked every single body and every single brick in the QPAC! If this is the way to time travel and if self-reflection brings such joy, then count me in! Especially if Darren is involved!

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