Friday, November 02, 2007

Let's Get Intimate With...

There's no doubt everyone wants a piece of Marco Dapper, the bare it all 'super size' star of Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds. But I want him even more after seeing him in a a series of photo shoot for model turned photographer Adam Bouska.

Through his magic lenses and talented photo skills, Bouska showed us Dapper in all his hotness from different angles and attitudes. Since then, I came across more of his works on the net, which made me notice there was something rather extraordinary about the person behind the camera and I wanted to know more. So folks, are you ready to get intimate with one of my most favourite photographers?

First of all, thanks for doing this interview. You know I LOVE your works a lot, not just because your models are always exceptionally beautiful but I also love the way you caption them. So, here are my first two questions to you,

Pr8: How do you choose/pick your models?
Bouska: It's really quite random, there really isn't any rhyme or method to the process. I get a lot of e-mails, phone calls from agents, messages online, and people approaching me in person. If I'm choosing the model, and it isn't a paid shoot, I just simply choose someone I find appealing with a unique look and a nice combination of face and body =)

And how on earth do you manage to make them all look so sexy through your camera?
It's all about lighting and angles and making the model comfortable. I think my experience in the industry and my personality plays a key factor in bringing out the models attitude through photos.

By reading your bio on your website, you were studying computer science in Chicago before you get into photography,

Did you finish your degree? If yes, do you still have anything to do with computer science?
I am one trimester from completing my bachelors degree in computer science, but before signing up for the last session I dropped out. Mainly because I felt once I finished I would be obligated to the career and I knew it wasn't for me. I discovered photography towards the end of my schooling and was just finding myself through my passion. I dropped everything and ran to California where I began to take photography seriously.

Also, I realise you gained your photo skill through self teaching, model, and other artists. So,

Are you always interested in photography?
Honestly not at all. I never thought the thought of being behind the camera sounded appealing. I just always loved being part of the whole process and always toyed with photo post-production programs. I had some friends who dabbled in it, and I felt compelled to see what I could make of it using my experiences.

Was it difficult to learn photo skill through self teaching?
It always came so easily to me and for that I'm thankful. I've never had any type of formal training, I always felt that if I were to study under another photographer my style would alter. I think by self teaching I've been able to develop my own style through developing my own techniques. I've always thought the product is most important, not necessarily the process it takes to get there.

You were a model before. And a cute one as well =P Can you tell me a bit about your modelling career?
Catalogues, brochures, promotional work, fliers, magazines. Nothing huge, all local stuff in Chicago.

Are there any particular photographers that you admire or draw inspiration from?
Not any specifically, I'm horrible with names, but I constantly look through photo books and am always inspired to push myself to reach a higher standard.

As I mentioned before, you really know how to choose/pick your models to pose for you,

Is it difficult to keep your focus surrounded by so many beau- tiful men, especially some are so close to be naked?
Hahah! I get asked this quite often. I've never felt uncomfortable by it. Maybe a little at first, but it's such a professional setting, you just learn to have fun with it, and work with it.

So you never get turned on during a shoot?
Hahah, this one I'll skip =P

Why the focus on men?
I photograph what I'm attracted to. I never really placed focus any- where, never been a goal of mine to see how many guys I can shoot, I just photograph what I find appealing.

Is there anyone who you would like to photograph but haven't got up the nerve to ask them to sit for you?
Tons of celebs I would love to photograph, not that I haven't worked up the nerve to ask them, but just don't feel I'm ready to branch off in that direction yet. I like the unique look unknown models bring.

And last but not least,

Where would you like your photography to take you?
All over the world, meeting many people, paying my bills, and keeping me happy!

What can we expect from Bouska? Will there be a photo book?
There has been talk of a book for almost a year now, and I have been slowly compiling images, working on specific themes that I feel could work for a book. It's always been a goal of mine to publish a book, and if not this year, I can promise you the next year =)

Any thoughts of shooting some Aussie guys in the near future?
I'd love to, just have to get 'down' there!

Madonna. Yay or Nay?
Yay! Yay! Yay! I think she's very inspiring and innovative.

Once again, thanks for doing this interview with me, it's been a plea- sure talking to you! Hope everything goes well in your career and wish you the best of luck for the upcoming release of your photo book. To learn more about Adam, visit and


FlipFlopsBoy said...

Great interview! Thanks, Pr8!

about a boy said...

awesome. hes amazing.

Anonymous said...

I like Adam Bouska. His photography are always full of sensuality (Sorry for my english, I am french).