Saturday, November 17, 2007

Moving On And Up...

Finally, the words are spoken. Although he can't heal the damage that has been done, I believe a sincere apology is more important than money, especially if it is tied no other actions for justice in the present. I also believe it is the first step toward rebuilding trust and connection for both the offender and the offended.

Ben, I am SO proud of you! Your apology is accepted and my continu- ed support and love for you remain true =)

By the way, where the hell are 'Ethan' and 'Rick the Snake'? What a C-O-W-A-R-D they are!


Hooperfan said...

Listening to that I don't think Ben really had to apologise for anything. Ben's management were the ones in the wrong. They basically used his name to rip people off.

It certainly says more for Ben as a person that he did apologise.

FlipFlopsBoy said...

Yes, I think he is definitely a good guy, and very sincere.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, not buying it. If he were really sincere, he would either:

1. Expose the manager' identity


2. Refund people's hard earned money.

End of story.