Saturday, November 24, 2007

A New Era...

So to all the Aussie readers here, you guys have a new Prime Minister! A jubilant Kevin Rudd has claimed victory for Labor in the federal election after voters turfed out the 11-year-old Coalition government led by the former PM John Howard.

I'm not Australian and I'm not really into politics, but compared to the old cranky Howard, to me Rudd seems to be a breath of fresh air for Australia. What do you Aussies think about that? Is this gonna be a new era for the country?

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Ryan said...

personally i dont see whats so good about him...he was happy to list all these things he will do and went for the younger generation vote by getting a myspace and all but at least johnny took it seriously...ah well not much i can do about least the greens didnt get in...people over plants and animals anyday