Saturday, November 10, 2007

Put Your Hands Up For...

Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit is a house/tech house single written and produced by the sexy Dutch DJ Fedde le Grand. The song was released in the Netherlands first on Jun 26 2006, peaking at number four in the Dutch Top 40. It was released in the rest of Europe in Aug 2006, and enjoyed steadily increasing popularity, first charting in Oct 2006.

Featuring a bevvy of beauties (if only they are all men) in minuscule lab coats, the music video is set in a futuristic male cloning factory as identical men (Spanish dance student Arran García) pour down the production belt, the girls use raunchy dance moves to test the clones' will-power.

Arran, 23, had his head and chest shaved for his part. He said, "I couldn't believe my luck when I turned up and saw all these stunning girls. I managed to keep my cool."

I particularly like the bit when one of the clones got turned on by the Dutch DJ himself who dressed as a scientist. Too bad the gay one got transferred to Sector 8 (I would love to do my research there).

To find out more of Grand's music, check out his official website and his latest video Let Me Think About It. I can tell ya he looks damn cute in his wifebeater!

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