Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Ugly Truth...

F*CK! I just realise that there is something sinister behind the beautiful face of Ethan Reynold (or should I say Gerald Reynold) and his so- called 'personal' blog, Brat Boy Bulletin. Guess what? It turned out the the whole thing was a FAKE, and moreover a scam in which people lost money! Well, as far as I can understand, here are some facts:
  • The face of 'Ethan' is Gerald Reynolds (aka JR).
  • The typed words of 'Ethan' are/were from the hands of Rick Altmann (the mastermind behind the whole scam).
  • Rick wrote Ethan's Brat Boy Bulletin entries over the past two years, and Ethan himself had admitted this via phone when everything hit the fans.
  • Rick managed all of Ethan's email. If anyone received a reply from 'Ethan', it was from Rick.
  • Rick signed on Ethan's (and sometimes Ben's) AIM accounts and posed as them to further his agenda. If any of you had talked to Ethan on AIM it was most likely you were talking to Rick.
  • Rick handled the PayPal account in Ethan's name.
  • Rick is/was the only one who received order information for Brat Boy Uniform Polos and Project BE t-shirts.
  • JR did actually go through a lot when he was younger, including his mom kicking him out. That part of his life is not a lie. After high school he and Rick became roommates. This doesn't mean that JR wrote any of the entries about his own past.
  • Ben is a victim of the manipulations of Rick. He did what he was told by his manager until he realised what was really happening.
  • While JR is not innocent in any of this, he is also a victim of the manipulations of Rick.
  • Project BE is real and is all written by Ben himself.
  • Ben and JR were really a couple, but are no longer together and this has been confirmed by Ben.
I can't possibly sum up the drama here (seriously, the whole saga was just a pile of intense mess), so if you're interested you can read all about it at HERE.


TJ said...

I want more facts than we are getting. I simply cannot believe that Ethan/JR permitted this bullshit to go on for about 3 years without getting some financial benefit from the money sent to him. Yes, I know managers can have a lot of control, but what sort of nut with a manager never asks or looks at a financial statement if he gives someone that control.

I don't buy it. There's a lot more to this story and who received financial gain.

Keith said...

Actually there isn't. We still don't know where all the money went- it was all in Rick's control.

TJ said...

I hear you, and that may be true from your perspective, but I still don't buy it with Ethan and Ben. There are interlocking financial relationships between Ethan/Ben, Ginchgonch & their ongoing promotions, Bratboyschool/BE and Rick Altmann.

I seriously doubt that Altmann as manager hasn't received compensation from Ginchgonch and/or The Boys given the YEARS of cross-promotional efforts. I seriously doubt that the assorted princpals would involve themselves in a house purchase and/or house flip after nearly 3 years of nonsense and no compensation. The trust wouldn't be there, let alone the money to accomplish it.

Can you see what I mean when I say it doesn't all jive?

Let's assume the GinchGonch compensation to Altmann was paid by GinchGonch directly to The Boys. The Boys then would presumably have to pay their manager his cut. If that's how it worked, then why would The Boys continued to pay Altmann his share if The Boys didn't get compensation from the Bratboy/BE sales activity?
That leads me to think they DID get compensation from that (your and Altmann's) endeavor. Logic would indicate that at some point The Boys withhold payment to Altmann.

Okay, let's say I have it wrong, and the GinchGonch payments to The Boys went directly to Altmann, and he took his cut from there, then The Boys got their cut from Altmann. If that's the case, then why would anyone who hasn't seen financial statements ASSUME OR TRUST that the compensation paid to The Boys via Altmann did not include BratBoy/BE sales monies?

If no one has seen an accounting other than Altmann, you, Ethan/JR and Ben have absolutely no way of knowing whether where the money that was distributed came from and it is wishful thinking for The Boys to assume that none of the monies they received came from the obvious Bratboy/BE fraud.

Do you see my point? I understand YOU have received nothing, but THEY all did. If THEY don't know where the money the received came from, I don't understand how you can know where it come from.

I hope that makes sense. I'm not saying you are to blame, because it's pretty clear you're not. I've no doubt you've kicked yourself for not raising a ruckus long ago and perhaps minimized the problems of your friends (Blair, Ben, Ethan/JR)

Hooperfan said...

It's Ben I feel sorry for. There were rumours that he and Ethan (or whatever his name is) had split and I can't blame him for ending the relationship.

PR8 said...

Although I'm not a victim of this scam, I did fall for the beauty of 'Ethan'. I even chose him as one of my sexiest men alive in 2007 (July 18).

Yes, there's no doubt he's beautiful, if only his life is not that f*ck up. At this point, I think it will be nice for him to at least step out and apologise to those who are affected. I understand forgiving may be the hardest part for us (especially when money is involved) but hey, we are all human and we all make mistakes at some points in this mortal life, and the only thing to ponder upon at the end of the day is whether or not we learned something from it.

Another thing I don't understand is why don't people report this 'Rick' to the police so that they can hunt him down and put him into jail?

FlipFlopsBoy said...

I agree, Pr8. It's all kind of sad, in the end. They seem(ed) like such a good couple...maybe it will work out in the end.

Hooperfan said...

I had a quick look at Ben's blog and he seems to have a good head on him and only taking positives out of what happened.

Anonymous said...

JR has no personality or brain in real life, so he needs Rick to be his brains. Rick has no looks in real life (he's morbidly obese and his eyes bulge out like he has downs syndrome) so he needs JR. Without each other, they are each individually nothing.

Rick Altmann not only defrauds people for money but also uses JR to gain access to and molest young guys that he'd never in a million years be able to get anywhere NEAR if it wasn't for JR. In my opinion Rick should be castrated and then beheaded. XOXO