Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Guilty Dicky...

You've seen boxers, you've seen briefs. You've seen some jockstraps, you've seen some more briefs. Just before you think you've seen it all, I can tell you there is one thing more. It can be big, it can be small. But when it gets excited, it'll turn into a hard ding dong. Well I'm not gonna hold you any long, 'cos I think it's time to BARE IT ALL!


Aschwin&Frank said...

I love cock. I love to suck cock.
I love to lick cock. I love the taste of cock. I love having a cock in my mouth. I just, plain and simple, LOVE COCK !

AT, Your blog is meant to be tongue in cheek, or was that cock in mouth?
Hmmmm.... :-)

l@ said...

hrm..u prefer cut or uncut cock?

Latin Macho said...

i love cock, too!

i love taste it, suck it and drink the cum!

your mother said...

sweet... i love the one with the cock.. ^^
(but especially simon rex)