Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Guilty Pleasure...

Sometimes when I see a guy on the net, I just know he's gonna be a perfect specimen for my collection of Guilty Pleasures, and Jackson at CollegeDudes247 is EXACTLY that type of guy I could never resist but to share his beauty with you all!

Ever since I first saw him at Randy Blue, I had fallen in love with his angel face, innocent smile, smooth body, and that mouth-watering cut cock. Take a good look at him! He's simply TOO HOT to handle, but I still wanna 'handle' every inch of him (even though it means my hands may get burnt).

Here, Jackson bends over to finger that hot ass-crack of his as the water ran down his chest and his hairless rippled stomach. Watching Jackson in the shower, stroking his big fat cock and playing with his ass until he oozes out a nice creamy load is too HOT for words! Seriously how many times do I need to repeat myself? Don't you dare to miss Jackson at CollegeDudes247!

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