Sunday, December 02, 2007

Just One Kiss...

Talking about Adam Rickitt and Coronation Street, shame on me for growing up in England and had never watched a single episode of it until NOW (as you can tell I am barely a big Corrie fan). However, the 'coming out' journey of Todd Grimshaw, played by heartthrob Bruno Langley, has completely (and unexpectedly) taken me in.

Moreover it also helped me to understand that, although sometimes the choice between living in the closet and having no closet is hardly a choice (especially in Todd's case) BUT it is still a choice, a choice of how we want to live our life, a choice of happiness.

Of course, in one of the most controversial storylines in Corrie's 45- year history, Todd's road in pursuit of pride and happiness is not a smooth, broad highway. Instead, he has gone through stages of denial, confusion, self-recognition, guilt, disclosure, rejection, and integration before he is finally accepted by his families and friends.

So, whether you are a fan of British soaps or not, this is definitely a MUST SEE and it is all started with a kiss. Enjoy!


JIMG29 said...

Did I not remind you that British bloke are way too hott to pass up? Boy, I'm such a Corrie fan!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, for reminding me of that great storyline!