Saturday, December 08, 2007

Please Tell Me...

Crush by Mandy Moore

Why all the 'James' I come across are so nice and hot? Not to mention I find the name James very sexy! First we have James the Cyclops from X-Men, then we have James the model as seen in Adam Bouska's photoshoot (see pics). And now there is this megacute James at work I have a BIG crush on. Too bad he is 21 and only into girls =[

Oh well, at least we are mates and we talk (and fool around) all the time, and seeing him everyday at work is more than enough for me =]

So, do any of you know any 'James' who you find attractive, like being with, feel comfortable with, like sharing with, being and doing 'stuff' with?

By the way, my crush James is born diabetic and you just might be able to imagine how 'sweet' he can be =P

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FlipFlopsBoy said...

I once had a boyfriend named James. But he wasn't very sweet, LOL.