Sunday, September 30, 2007

Positive Adam...

He is young. He is cute. He may be HIV-positive but he still lives life positive. This is +Adam, a 22-year-old telling his own story of how he became infected with HIV and how he dealt with his positive diagnosis. A truly inspiring read, yet a powerful reminder of HIV infection and the potential risks of unprotected sex among young gay men.

Read more on MyKindaPlace and Positive Nation, with thanks to Puffa.

P.S. The picture of the cute boy isn't Adam himself, he is protecting his identity as he is not quite ready to reveal all.

La La La...

I'm not a huge fan of Kylie (compared to Madge) but I can't deny that this cover art for her upcoming single is absolutely amazing!

On Nov 26, Kylie releases 'X', her first new studio album in four years, and 'X' will be preceded by the new single '2 Hearts' on Nov 12.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Charades is an acting game in which one player acts out a word or phrase, often by pantomiming similar-sounding words, and the other players guess the word or phrase. The idea is to use physical rather than verbal language to convey the meaning to another party. So, can you guess what he is trying to say?

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Liam lugged the unit from the back of his truck towards the house. He looked at his clipboard again to make sure the effort was worthwhile. It read '28 Holloway' and it said 'Deliver & Install', therefore, someone should be home.

Liam put the eighty pound box down and rang the doorbell. He was glad weight training and swimming enabled him to schlep things like this around. He was tall, slim, and one would hardly suspect he could bench press his own weight. He rotated his shoulders and waited. There was no answer.

"Fuck," he muttered not sure if he should take the unit back to the truck, leave it there or what. Then he got the idea of checking around back. If the owner had a pool, he might be there and didn't hear the bell.

The side gate opened easily and Liam called out. There was no answer. As he approached he could see there was indeed a pool. Perhaps the owner was in it and didn't hear him at all. But the water was still. There wasn't anyone in the pool. Liam called out again and turned to leave.

"Hey," the voice came from the back. He saw a form moving in the bushes. "Weeding, wait a minute," the voice said.

The sight Liam saw was like in slow motion. A medium height half naked man moved away from the bushes. He dropped the garden tools and brushed the dirt from his hands, then he lifted his arms and stretched. His smooth beefy body bent, flexed, and stretched. Liam's eyes soaked up the sight. The person he saw was young, in fact, too young to own a house, pool, and have a new air con unit installed, he thought.

"He's out of town. But I'm here," the boy smiled and pulled the waistband of his tight shorts out and let them snap back. Liam noticed the boy was wearing a CK but nothing else. The bulge shifted as the boy snapped his shorts back.

"Uh, OK," Liam said. "It'll take a couple of days..." he realised he was stammering a bit as the boy moved closer.

"That's fine, I can help you know, I like physical labour," he smiled and flexed a bicep for fun.

"Uh, nice, well there is an 80 pound unit out front, but I can get it," Liam laughed and flexing his own biceps, which was hidden by his shirt.

"OK, I'll get it!" The boy was gone before Liam could tell him not to. So he started to look for the old unit in the house and found it was burned out, old, and definitely needed replacing. Liam took his shirt off, working more freely in his wife beater. He disconnected the old unit and removed the anchoring bolts.

"Damn, that bitch is heavy!"

Liam turned and found the half-naked kid carrying it on one shoulder. He felt his cock grown.

"Where do you want it? I mean THIS unit," he inferred Liam would think something else.

"Got to get this one off first," Liam smiled and hoped the kid would know what he really meant.

"I can help you get off," the boy said. "Nice shoulders," he added.

"Then give me a hand here," said Liam as he started to unzip his fly. He leaned on the boy and let him to milk him until his cum shot all over the boy's tight body.

"Shit, I messed you up."

"Well, clean me off then," the boy said, but Liam had already bent over to lick his own cum off the boy's abs and shorts. Pulling the shorts down, he swallowed the 7" cock until his throat became raw and lubricated by the kid's juice.

"Shit, that's better than Calvin," the kid said.

"Who's Cal..." Liam remembered the first name on his order blank - Calvin. "Well, I better get this air con worked on."

"I can help there too," the boy said as he took his shorts off. "I like working naked," he grinned.

As Liam thought, it took him two days to fix the unit, and at the boy's suggestion, he stayed overnight in the house so he could get an early start.

At of course, the sex was unending.

"You're right," Liam said putting his arm around the boy who had helped him.

"What? It was easier with help?" the boy asked.

"No, it's fun working naked like this," Liam said as he patted the boy's bare buttocks.

The boy reached for Liam's cock and played with it, then he knelt and put it in his mouth.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Guilty Pleasure...

Guess what? It was a home triumph in Mr Gay UK 2007 at The Flamin- go Club on Friday 31st August in Blackpool on the night of the famous Big Switch On of the town's world famous Illuminations!

Last year the 23-year-old policeman PC Mark Carter won the title of Mr Gay UK, and now it was Daniel Broughton who took the crown home.

With a boyish face, and a toned swimmer's body, the 21-year-old Mr. Blackpool Heat Winner appeared on stage in a cute cowboy outfit and won roars of approval from the hundreds of revellers who had turned out to see the 22 finalists from throughout the UK strut their stuff.

Second place went to Mr. Bristol, Alex Whewall (right) and Mr. Cardiff, Rhydian Jones (left) came third. I would like to take this opportunity to express a BIG congratulation to our lovely Daniel and wish him all the best for the coming year. Hip Hip Hooray!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


I believe in love. I believe that love is the expression of compassion. I believe that in truth we love everyone even those who sometimes seem so removed from ourselves that it might seem incomprehensible to love them.

I believe love or feeling love for someone is different to be in love with someone. I believe love has nothing to do with what you are planning to get, only what you are planning to give (which is everything). So, if I fall in love with someone, I will give myself completely to that person, but in the mean time, they will only be someone I feel love for.

I do not believe in one love for one person though, I believe that we are created to love as many people as life will bring to us. I believe that through our love for these people we learn to understand life from different angles, and I believe that limiting our love limits ourselves. I believe, though, that sometimes limits are necessary to protect oneself from loving too much and the associated pain of a broken heart, but I also believe a broken heart is just a test to see how much more we can love next time.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Guilty Pleasure...

The time has come, the Bel Ami boys met Howard Roffman, two of the most famous names of eroticism came together and created a new classic of male photographic art for The Boys of Bel Ami 2008 Calen- dar. Roffman has successfully captured the youthful sexual energy and finds tenderness in each pose from each young man from Bel Ami, who are obviously having a wonderful time showing off!

With Roffman being one of the most preeminent photographer of naked young men and the films of George Duroy having conquered the hearts of gays around the globe, this collaboration is simply amazing. After the incredible success of the original book The Boys of Bel Ami, this calendar will give us an opportunity to enjoy twelve whole months of sexy Bel Ami models for the entire next year. So don't let this feast for the eyes pass you by!

The Boys of Bel Ami 2008 Calendar will be available on Buy Bel Ami and TLA Video on 26 Sept 2007.

Gears Off...

Hot Damn...

Seriously, these two Ginch Gonch Boys can get so naughty when you put them together! I also wonder what could possibly happen when they are really, really sorry for not posting?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Outback Adventure...

They did it again, and this time aussieBum is gonna share their reality with you in a weekly series of videos that will be released starting 14 Sept 07. The weekly series promises to bring you lots of hot Aussie men in their aussieBum swimwear and underwear! Crikey, what could be better than that?

Here is a sneak peek into what you can expect on a weekly basis on AUSSIBUM.TV, so make sure you go back and check out their latest episode of Broome Reality (see right sidebar).

To start off their new series, the company has added two sexy new colours, Deep Navy and Burnt Orange, to their Classic Undies Range! Damn, orange is always one of my favourite colours and I am totally in love with aussieBum, it seems I might have to invest more money on their undies AGAIN. Luckily, they are now doing a special 10% off on all items until 24 Sept 07, which would help me to save a buck or two.

Accidental Love...

Accidental love is the greatest. It has no expectations and is less likely to contain drama. The greatest love I have ever felt in my life was on accident.

Accidental love is not easy to acquire. Most of the time it is achieved by trying not to let it happen. The more you try to fight it, the stronger it grips until you finally give in.

So, be happy with accidental love, because it is LOVE and that is the 'hardest' thing in the world to find. Photo courtesy of [2].