Monday, January 14, 2008

Ever Wonder...

We buy them, we wear them, we wash them, and we put them away. Some of us love to show off with them, some have fetish with them, and some even exchange them. We all have passion for our underwear, but does underwear have a personality? I mean, can we tell a guy's personality from the type of underwear he wears? If yes, does any of the following match your personality? Or you just simply buy and wear whatever you feel like?

Tighty-whities or gray, black, or some other neutral colour brief, whether classic unbranded or a designer version means the guy most likely tries to hang on to his youth. Mr. Party On is probably frisky and fun-loving and in pretty descent shape. Hopefully, he doesn’t have Sponge Bob printed on the rear of his brief!

Boxer briefs, with a long, tight leg, show a more athletic side and a guy who is willing to experiment just a bit from classic Jockey. Knit boxers look particularly hot on muscular legs.

Boxers are a pretty bourgeois choice for any guy under 50 in relatively good shape. Old school Europeans do love their boxers, but stateside, the guy's political beliefs are probably more right to centre. Who knows, he may be a wild man privately and an uptight conservative in manner, however, a straightforward man who is what he is can't be beat. Be leery of any man who wears silky boxers with little hearts on them, particularly when they are not a gift from you.

Skimpy little bikinis or thongs are pretty gross on a guy, it's like he is over-promoting his package and truly has only one thing on his mind. The bare minimum becomes super repulsive when the guy's body is anything less than that of the model on a 2(x)ist package. Shiny, nylon underwear is just plain creepy and a little too seventies playboy for our taste.

As for 'Free Balling' or 'Going Commando', no underwear in any pant that is not washable kind of makes our skin crawl. You could say the guy is either a free-spirit or too cheap to buy an extra item of clothing.

And finally, about men who prefer to wear women's underwear, well, that's off our topic here =P


Quentin X said...

I don't think there is a strong link between undies and personality. That would just be overanalysing. I reckon that there is nothing wrong with bikinis. Thongs might be different. But if you got it, flaunt it.

FlipFlopsBoy said...

Great post!! I wear briefs and boxer briefs...don't know what it says about me! I did go through a phase wearing boxers, and occassionally I do go commando!!

jared said...

I have to wear boxer briefs because of my size. Boxers don't have enough support, and briefs cram myself in rather uncomfortably. Boxer briefs are perfect for being comfortable and providing support. On the rare occasion, though, I do go commando. But that is usually in the summer when I'm wearing my camo shorts.

And I laughed out loud about your comment of Spongebob printed on the rear of the briefs. My ex is a Spongebob FANATIC and owns quite a bit of Spongebob memorabilia, including boxers.

Greg said...

Don't know what it means either, but I wear briefs all the time, cept for at home, then I just go about the place commando style.

Shane said...

Boxer briefs all the way. A few of the younger guys at work wear nothing but boxers but I never could get comfotable in them.