Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Guilty Pleasure...

I've always adored those beautiful Brazilian boys from Terra The Boys but lately I personally think their quality seems to be lowering (though their latest model Thiago Rufinelli is one gorgeous sweetheart). Out of desperation as well as suffering from BCS (Brazilian Craving Synd- rome), I've found a new site similar to Terra, called Garoto Pop.

You can say they are the new rival of Terra The Boys, but I always believe that if there's no competition, there's no improvement, and for January 2008, I think Garoto POP is winning!

Back in August 2007, the 21-year-old (what the hell?) has once graced the cover of the 17th edition of Lado A, a gay publication focused on Southern Brazil.

With Anderson's new sexy back, he is giving me a BIG turn on as the featured model in this month's Garoto Pop.

With more than 100 photos of Anderson's charm and good looks (not to mention his ripped 6-pack abs), this is one amazing collection you can't afford to miss. Desfrutar!

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