Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thank You My Friend...

I got many New Year wishes (thanks guys) and I could wish many too. But a particular wish was so special which came from one of TMOP readers, who is now become a special friend of mine!

"First things first, I won't wish you the same old things others usually wish even they need to be left somehow special, right? May 2008 brings you:

Someone to sleep in with. Someone to wake up with. Someone to talk all night with. Someone to play with. Someone to do naughty shopping with. Someone to cruise all the grate clubs with. Someone to make love with. Someone to go crazy with. Someone to feel deeply for. Someone to take care about. And someone who takes care of you."

Awww, isn't he sweet? I'm totally flattered! In return, I would like to thank him with all my heart with a little poem.


What are wishes,
without the dreams to comply?
Perhaps they are the hearts voice,
that lays deep inside.

Maybe it's the soul that sleeps,
under the mask of it's dreams.
On a thread of uncertainty,
or so it seems to be.

Wishes are the hearts most desires,
when all appears cloudy and grey.
A wish is what keeps our souls afloat,
when our dreams are shattered and frayed.

Keep your wishes locked up inside,
for you never know what life has in store.
You never know what wish, just might come true,
from the dreams that you hold, just for YOU.


Anonymous said...

dear tmop, im having a little problem here. i thought i might get some solution.

right now i have a huge crush with a guy in my college. (he's sooo HOT!!) and it feels like i wanna be with him forever and i'd do anything for this HOT! guy. he knows that ive been eyeing him. he looks out for me too, in sch, and gives me this you're-cute look. recently he just broke up with his girlfriend but i dont think he's a bi.

dear tmop, do you have any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

hey man, greeeeat really enjoying regards from


Anonymous said...

Helpful website.

Worst than sharks:

I asked a guy at work if I could workout with him at a nearby gym. It's always more fun if you have someone the keep you on track and keep you motivated. For eight months we were together a couple times a week for an hour and a half. At times I felt that he wasn't into going with me too much, but as time went on we had fun joking around. When we got word of buying some NO tablets and Noexplode, we went all out and stocked up. We were on our way to a great relationship even-though he was gay and I straight, married with two sons.
This year he was going to celebrate his fortieth birthday and I knew that he really wanted a party. So I asked some of his gay friends to see if they would go and also help me in putting together a party for him. I even went as far to check out gay bars and places where this party could be held. That is when I tapped into your website for help. It wasn't an easy task, to say the least. I will always remember his birthday because it's the same day as my wife's.
After coming back from lunch where he told me about his last date with a guy that he thought had aids, I told him I had a man crush on him. Bad move! Even-though he was the first gay person I've really liked and enjoyed being with, our relationship from then on went to hell. He went to the personnel office and claimed sexual harassment. It got so bad I almost lost my job. He even went further spreading the word that my sole purpose in being with him was to have sex with him. Soon everyone at work was aware. I had to stay away from him and couldn't even talk to him. At first I was extremely angry and shocked, because I thought of him as a really great guy. I asked myself ,"How could he do this to me?"
His friend said that time would heal, but I don't ever see it ever going to happen.

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