Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Break It Down For...

Seriously, what's gay erotica without a jail/prison scenario? Back in November last year, Steven Klein's new ad campaign for the Australian underwear line C-IN2 was set in a prison featuring scanty clad models lined up for a strip search by a menacing guard.

Klein has become the fashion world's current superstar by underst- anding how to be transgressive and commercial at the same time, and without a doubt, we can always count on the photographer to push the envelope when it comes to homoeroticism in ads.

Although the line-up maybe missing Wentworth Miller (damn!) but I personally think that there's enough gay overtones there to fuel many an erotic Queen's Prison fantasy!

Having said that, if you still think a gay jail/prison eroticism can go further than Klein's photography, then I highly recommend you to check out the two parts of Prison Break videos by UK Naked Men.

When perverted sadist prison guard McViker finds Fletch fast asleep in his cell, it's too good a chance for him to miss. He pulls back the covers from the sleeping convict and admires the firm, downey cheeks on offer. But Fletch is no fool and knows how to use his body to distract his captor. McViker straddles Fletch and they wank a furious load all over each other, but when the guard's back is turned, Fletch takes his chance and escapes into the vast corridors beneath the prison...

With the guard hot on his heels, its not long before Fletch is cornered in the ancient maze of tunnels. He's forced to give up his hot little arse to the sadist's eager tongue and probing fingers. McVicker is so desperate for a piece of hot, wet cock up his arse, he makes a deal with the cornered man, and soon Fletch is naked in the filthy stairwell, fucking his way to freedom. Will he succeed? Or will his efforts crash and burn? Watch the full video at UK Naked Men.

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