Thursday, February 28, 2008

Guilty Pleasure...

He is gorgeous. He is cute. He was chosen by you to make a new start of my Hot Poll. Who is he? His name is Josh Keim, an 21-year-old student/footballer/model from San Jose, California.

Unfortunately, I don't have much info about Josh. All I know is that he sure is damn sexy and well-built for an 18-year-old (I wish I had THAT body when I was that age).

Josh also loves his football and would like to get into a four-year university on scholarship for football after high school.

Umm, how the hell do I know about all this? Well, just check THIS out and see if I am right or not. Good luck to you Josh! Just remember if you can't into university with your football skill, you can always get in with your modelling talent (not to mention those pecs and abs)!


Aschwin&Frank said...

Woah :)
Amazing pictures bro.

Bonnie said...

he's actually 21 now. he's a really nice guy and very funny too. although he's been extremely busy the past weeks.

i'll say hi to him for you.

and thanks for tip on jessie.