Friday, February 29, 2008

It's Februrary 29...

Today is the 29th of February, also known as the leap day, and it only comes once every four years! How can I possibly NOT post something on this special day? And guess what? Traditionally, today is THE day that women can propose marriage (suddenly I feel so sorry for them).

Umm, if that's the case, do any of you (the 'female' role in a gay relationship) propose or get proposed? If yes, congratulation! If no, you'll need to wait for another four years!

Other than being the day for women to propose, our February 29 (UK time) also marks the 30th birthday day of Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras!

Right at this very moment, thousands of Aussie men are celebrating and partying on the other side of the globe! Although the sun may not be shining in Sydney today, I bet the atmosphere over there must be HOTTER than the sun.

Damn, I've never been to a Mardi Gras celebration before, if I still live in Brissie, I'll definitely be in Sydney now! Oh well, may all the boys and men have heaps of fun and I'm jealous of you all!

Having said that, something does make me happy today! Other than collecting my new Micra, I just realise that Madonna has confirmed the title and release date of her brand new album!

According to, the title of the forthcoming album will be Hard Candy. The record, her last studio effort for Warner Bros. includes a track called Candy Store. Madonna chose to stick with the sweet theme because "she loves candy," says her long-time rep Liz Rosenberg.

"It's about the juxtaposition of tough and sweetness, or as Madonna so eloquently expressed - I'm gonna kick your ass, but it's going to make you feel good."

The album, which features Justin Timberlake on multiple tracks and production by Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, and Nate Hills, will see a U.S. release on April 29. The first single Four Minutes will be out at the end of March. OMG I can't wait to taste this candy!

And last but not least, the end of each month means only one thing... the release of the new DNA! Look no further, their latest issue is gonna to WOW you as Chris Rockway gets wet for the cover of DNA #98 and rocks the magazine from top to bottom as he rides the gay-for-pay highway! So, get yourself a copy of DNA today and start to enjoy the hot shower!


FlipFlopsBoy said...

Great leap day shot!

Yes, I forgot that Leap Day is also Sadie Hawkins Day!

Lez Hard said...

Really nice leap, a lot of, it seems, would like to follow him!
So do I...

NW007 said...

I really enjoy this magazine !!!