Monday, February 25, 2008

Men With Metal - Part I...

To certain extend, there are some similarities between men's jewellery and being gay. In the old days, men's jewellery has a certain degree of taboo that is why most men tend to shy away from wearing them out other than the occasional silver tie clip or the platinum cufflinks.

However in this metrosexual world of straight gayness, men seem to move towards the acceptance of jewellery more. Bracelets and necklaces are now commonplace among the younger set and even more mature gentlemen are slowly expanding their jewellery items further than just cufflinks, key chains, and tie clips.

Although modern days jewellery for men has been a very limited discipline and their availability is lesser than that of women's, nonetheless, the fields of men's jewellery like the tie clips, key chains, rings, as well as the increasingly popular earrings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets have been so carefully honed that they now become expertly crafted creations.

Googling through the internet, I am surprised to see so many men's jewellery designers out there but may I suggest you to pay a special visit to Studio Nikias' ESCULPTA. Why? Because I personally think that they are one of the finest, especially their Mermale sculpture pendant and Tom of Finland Tribute army dog tag are two of my favourite pieces!

ESCULPTA offers a small but growing collection of select objects, each of which have been designed in limited edition, with care, to com- plement a lifestyle of true simplicity and originality. All available artwork is handmade by artists that are brought together by their common devotion towards pure forms as well as a Mediterranean passion and sensuality.

Click HERE if you want to find out more about the philosophy and passion behind the ESCULPTA project OR you can jump straight into their website and check out their jewellery collections below.

And last but not least, I am privileged enough to have a personal interview with Nikias, the handsome head designer of ESCULPTA, which will be posted in the second part of 'Men With Metal'. So, don't you dare to miss it!

P.S. Did any of you enter their Valentines Day competition and won a silver cockring for yourself or your valentine?


littlemass said...

I think this meant to read "effeminate" - I have never met an "ineffiminate".

FlipFlopsBoy said...

I entered, but did not win :(

Jewelry can be very hot on certain's all about accessorizing for attractiveness!

PR8 said...

Sorry guys, that was my spelling mistake and it has been corrected!

bghotguys said...

Hey I just want to let you know I have a new blog, and have added your link to my links, so if you could do the same that would be nice. My old blog on Blogger was deleted, so here is my new one: