Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Experience At...

Yesterday I was brought by one of my TMOP fans to the Abercrombie & Fitch in London for the first time since it was opened in March last year.

If you have never been in an A&F, your first question upon entering might be "Is this a actually a store?" Seriously, with its dim lighting, pumping dance music and plenty of beautiful faces 'modelling' around you, it makes you wonder if you just step into a gay nightclub fantasy!

Shop assistants with chiselled good looks and muscled bodies wearing A&F polos and tight blue jeans beam with dazzling smiles while piling shirts. Loud, pumping music jolts you out of Mayfair while the heat has been cranked up so shoppers can relate to the overpriced fashions.

While oil paintings, wood panelling and grand staircases are a backdrop to the bright teen merchandise. I enjoyed the experience and urge a visit to enter into A&F's world where beautiful people and 'cool' clothes dictate an ideal world they insist can't be found anywhere else.

Being a gay, it's a definitely a good treat for the eyes, just make sure you don't buy anything as their clothes are so NOT worth the price!


Quentin X said...

It's all about the label and the fantasy that goes with it.

jared said...

Finally went into one the other day. It was a bunch of chicks in there, and yes, they were pretty cute.

I won't go into another one again probably becuase they don't carry pants in my size. They only go up to a 34 waist and 34 length, whereas I need a 34 waist and a 38 length. I hate being tall, it's so hard to find jeans and I pretty much pay those ridiculous A & F prices to get my size from online extra tall stores.

Hooperfan said...

it's an absolutely hideous place. I've never felt so out of place in a shop in my entire life. If you're not slim and beautiful then don't shop there. I went with my mate because he wanted to go in but I actually had to leave the shop.

midhel said...

i actually love their t-shirts -- they fit me perfectly, and are worth the 29 bucks that they cost.
(they accentuate my muscles ;) )

Cory said...

i guess abercrombie and fitch isnt too popular over there i mean we have one in al most every mall here in america lol