Wednesday, March 05, 2008


It was a wonderful morning, perfect for a run. I had to get some miles to lose all the party pounds that I've gained during the weekend. Not that I was a slob or anything, going to gym 4 times a week. However, I just wanted to sweat.

I was wearing a dri-fit singlet with black running shorts with high slits at the side. I'm on the muscular side as oppose to the lean build, but love to show off my ripped thighs.

I ran in the forest track near my place. It was a rather quiet Monday, a couple of old ladies and a middle-aged man. I was getting into my pace when he overtook me. He was going at a slightly faster rate, probably doing intervals. And boy, I was mesmerised just with the back view. He was running bare body, with droplets of sweat rolling down his tan toned back. All the muscles were moving in poetry, everyone of them like pistons in a lean mean machine. He had broad shoulders, a nice pair of pecs, strong arms and a fully defined abs.

I had to catch up with this guy, I thought. What better motivation than this hunk.

He got drift of my intent- ion as I pulled abreast with him and then overtaking. While doing so, I caught a whiff of his manly scent. It was enough to make me to have a bonner, which then made it a little uncomfortable to run, since I was freeballing.

And so our little game of catchup began, each not letting the other gain more than a fraction of an inch. It was only a couple of kilometres later did both of us decide to slow down to catch a breather. We stopped by a water fountain.

He looked at me in a strange way, then started to head for the nearby public toilet, glancing back as he went. I guess then I knew his intent- ions, even welcomed it! My oh my, what an ass that guy has.

When I walked around the bend of the entrance, he immediately push- ed himself onto me. We were both hot, sweaty and very horny by then. I kissed and lick his hot neck, tracing the streams of sweat down to his nipples, and when I took it into my mouth, he let out a moan. I grasp- ed his tight ass and he responded by grinding his hardon onto mine.

We moved our action into one of the stalls. Amazingly, it was quite clean. I barely closed the door before he was nibbling at my ears and then turning around and rubbing his ass onto my hard 8 inches. I pull- ed his shorts off with ease, revealing a perky white ass with marvellous tan lines. I bent down and started rimming him. He moaned in plea- sure. I just hope no one was close enough to hear that wanton cry.

As I loosened him up, I was pulling on my own dick. Then I got up and placed my dickhead at his entrance. He couldn't wait and started to push back already. His sweat was the lube that made my entry more or less smooth.

When he got me all the way to the hip, he arched his back and reached back to pull me deeper, as if I wasn't deep enough. I started pounding him, slowly at first, before picking up pace. I leaned forward and licked his pits, which smelt of fresh man sweat.

After a couple of minutes in this position, I decided to make a change. I pulled out, which caused him to look back at me questioningly. I turned him around, lifted him by the hips and pushed him onto the wall, before bringing him back down onto my dick without much gentleness. He got my idea and wrapped his legs around me, while his hands went around my neck. We started kissing as I continued lifting him up and down my pole.

"Oh yeah, harder! Give it to me..." he cried.

I sat down on the toilet bowl and continued with the up and down motion. His abs were tightening up, as was his hole, and his face was in pure bliss. I could tell that he was going to cum pretty soon, as were I.

With another couple of downward motions, he let out a cry and he cummed without even touching himself! His ass was clenched so tight and warm that I too let out a cry of pleasure before bursting into him. He shot all over my pecs and abs as I shot into him. I lean forward and kissed him. He broke off after sometime and got up to lick the cum mixed with sweat off my body.

We cleaned off and dressed and went our separate ways. As I turned back, I saw him looking back as well, winking. I just hope he'll be there tomorrow morning for another run.


NW007 said...

Thata was hotter than hot !!!

Saul said...

Wow! That is HOT!! Hope you played safe ;)

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Just too good to be true... ;-)

Quentin X said...

Lucky you.

PR8 said...

Please guys! I do hope this is happened to me! Unfortunately, it is just another erotic fantasy...

Anonymous said...

It's only fantasy that you will like to live.... a big lie again!!

JIMG29 said...

the continuity is forgiveable and I knew right away that it's just your fantasy...give me lessons though on how to approach guys on this side of the pond...spring is upon us and I have yet to demonstrate my wildiest dream!