Saturday, March 01, 2008

Face Off...

It's the beginning of March, and what's better than starting the month with a mysterious man stoking himself in front of the camera for you.

Goddamn, isn't he one of the hottest dudes on the internet? Those strong solid biceps and the toned muscular body have sent me into ecstasy (not to mention his thick uncut cock is f*cking gorgeous)!

I tell you that I can easily give him 9 out of 10. He is 'almost' perfect, if only I can see his face, cum, and maybe a bit of moaning sound, that would really make it rock! LOL, I can't believe I'm still complaining about his video!

Having said that, sometimes it makes me wonder why some guys refuse to show their faces when they already have THE 'perfect package' from neck to toes. Maybe they are just too shy to show off their 'charm' to the whole world? Maybe their 'looks' don't look as great as their bodies? Or maybe some of them just wanna keep us imagining till we go CRAZY?

P.S. The video works fine for me and I don't think X-Tube has deleted it. However, if you have difficulty to watch it, try HERE. Enjoy!


ted said...

I think the clip has been deleted by Xtube. Couldn't watch it. :P
I think they don't want to show their face just because they dont want to public to know who he is.

Anonymous said...

I think the xtube vide that is being referenced here can be found here:

I prefer some fur on my man but I must abmit he has a nice body :)