Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter...

I love Easter, not because of the bunnies, the chicks, the resurrection of Jesus or the Easter Eggs, but because of the bank holidays, which allows me to have four days off in a row! Easter also represents the beginning of Spring, even though it was still snowing and hailing in the UK, at least I know winter is on the downside.

Talking about Easter eggs, does anyone know how did this tradition arise? Believe it or not, Easter Eggs have a long history. Ancient Egyptians and Persians coloured eggs during their spring festivals for centuries before Christianity existed. The egg has always been a symbol of rebirth, which is why it was so appropriately tied to the Easter holiday.

Nowadays, Easter Eggs often include those made of plastic and chocolate that sit alongside the real eggs in Easter baskets. Several Easter Egg games have also evolved, including perhaps the most popular being the Easter Egg Hunt. The hunt in which the participants search for hiding Easter Eggs. Happy Hunting!


jared said...

Hot Easter eggs! Thanks a lot!

Happy Easter

earthrooster said...

cool post!
happy easter!!

Aschwin&Frank said...

Exclusive for you, Pr8 !
Click here

Huggies, AF

ted said...

wow.. sexy.. can I hunt his 'eggs'?? LoL

Hooperfan said...

The best Easter Egg hunt I've ever done.