Thursday, March 20, 2008

Only The Hottest...

I love checking my e-mail EVERYDAY because from time to time I'll receive lovely comments or messages of support from all over the world, and they are the source of my inspiration. A week ago, I was kindly e-invited by Jeff, the webmaster of

So I clicked on the link that he gave me and OMG, I was in Heaven. What a beautiful collection of 'model men', and in my mind I was thinking, "Umm, it seems like a personal interview with Jeff is simply inevitable." And so, I did it!

PR8: Tell me, when and why did you first become interested in male photography?
Jeff: I first became interested when I saw Bruce Weber's Calvin Klein Jeans pictorial magazine in the 80's. And seriously, how could anyone not want to take pictures of such amazingly hot guys.

Do you have any specific influences or inspiration?
I try to keep my work simple and intimate. I also strive for truth in terms of showcasing how a model actually looks. I use software only for minor corrections to an image instead of providing 'digital plastic surgery', and therefore what you see is what you get. So in that regard, I'm inspired by more classic photographers. Lately, I've been experimenting with some new techniques. I like to grow as an artist and bring some creativity into my work while remaining true to my core principles of honesty and intimacy in my work.

How do you 'catch' your models?
Not sure what you mean by 'catch' but I'm assuming you mean, where do I find them? I use model networking sites, but most of my models come from referrals from other models who've worked with me or models who have seen my work and email me directly (which I love).

In your website you said, 'Only The Hottest Men Can Be Model Men'. Tell me in all honesty, is that true?
Of course, 'hotness' is in the eye of the beholder. I do weed out A LOT of guys who want me to shoot with them because I don't think they make the cut. But, I also strive to find beauty in a wider variety of men than you would find on other sites.

How do you like to work with your models in a photo session?
I get most of my inspiration from my models. I really try to bring out their personality, and I often take their own ideas and implement them into a session. I also toss out requests by members of my site to a model to get their impression. Some of the best shoots I've done have been at a member's request. Models love to make people happy!

Just being curious (and a bit naughty), have you ever got turned on while doing a shoot with someone?
How could you not get turned on working with some of these really hot guys? This especially happens when a model and I are trying to re- create a members 'fantasy request'. We both talk together about what the member is asking for and try to get into their heads a little. It can be a very dynamic and electrifying moment.

Wildest thing you've done to get a better/hotter shot?
Hmm. That's tough. I'm not a terribly 'do wild things' sort of person. I tend to let my lens find the wildness in my models instead of doing it myself, but there are times where I've had to coach a model along a little to get the best shot. Most models really want to make amazing shots, so their willing to let a lot of their guard down if they feel safe enough to do it. So, I really try to respect them and make them feel safe to express themselves and bring out their inner hotness as well.

If there's one man, that you would love to have a photoshoot with, who would that lucky man be?
Channing Tatum. Among others. And there are lots of others =]

Your next project is?
I'm working on v2 of I just need to find the perfect web designer to partner with to make the site what I envision it can be, which is to introduce video and editorial content so that members can get to know the models better and to provide some exciting twists =] It won't be your daddy's adult website. I'm also looking to put together a web-store featuring my photography on various products (like calen- dars, clocks, t-shirts, and such). New members to my website make it all happen. They are the driving force behind it all, and I'm glad to have so many people appreciate my work and join the site everyday.

What do you enjoy most in life?
Shooting hot guys =]

The Ministry of Pleasure?
Can I be the Undersecretary of Men in the Ministry =P

And last but not least. Madonna. Yay or Nay?
Yay. That woman knows how to throw it down. I LOVED her photo- graphic art book. Right up there with Bruce Webber's CK book. She knows how to get a hot guy naked!


NW007 said...

Loved this interview and enjoyed
looking at it from the photographer's viewpoint. I have always had an interest in the artful depiction of the male body through photography. In fact enjoyed participating in such a photo session mysef recently with an photographer.

V said...

I'm in heaven too....
He definitely has the skill to capture men's line and beauty...
Loved your interview....
and hoping to see more...