Sunday, April 20, 2008

B For...

I visited London yesterday and was 'trying' to pamper myself with some shopping at the fashionable Selfridges. Although I didn't manage to buy anything (some of the stuffs that I really like are simply too expensive to afford), I discovered a new brand called B*Boy while I was browsing in the underwear (men's of course) section.

B*Boy is a new underwear and swimwear range launched by William Baker, best known as Kylie's long-time stylist/creative director and photographer (and her gay husband). What really catches my eyes in B*Boys is that the ingenious design of its packaging. As most under- wear companies tend to use photos of real hunky models on their box- es, B*Boy uses comical graphics of real hunky models, which gives a different feel from the norm! Check out their website and you'll see what I mean.

And just before you think B*Boy's advertising strategy couldn't get any hotter, you'll be surprised when you open their website. The first photo popped up in front of your eyes is the superhot American model Evan Wadle (not Wade) wearing not much but B*Boy undies and speedies!

Apparently, the 22-year-old has been featured as Mr. March and Mr. April for the company and there's a gallery section which contains more gorgeous photos of him (and other models). Hmm, I seriously wouldn't mind Evan as Mr. B*Boy throughout the year and I'm sure the sales of B*Boy will shoot up through the roof by choosing him as their new model. Nice pick Will!


daan said...

That last picture brang SEX to my mind, in several ways;)
I posted him as well... I love Evan WadLe.

Anonymous said...

I thought blogspot shut your blog down or something when your URL changed. For the past couple weeks I've been on TMOP withdrawl... so glad that it is back again!

Keep up the good work PR8 =)

Anonymous said...

Evan is from New Jersey.