Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy 100th DNA...

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) is not only famous for being the basic code for creating most living things on this planet but also for the best selling gay magazine in Downunder and it's the only one I subscribe on a regular basis since May 2005!

Each issue always come with surprise! It's informative (grooming, fashion, fitness, travel) and sexy, with sensational, mind-blowing photos. I seriously think DNA is THE ULTIMATE gay magazine of it's type on the market, I just can't help but keep cumming back for more, more and more! A salute to Team DNA!

Please Mr. Postman by Human Nature

And guess what? The Aussie magazine will release its 100th anniver- sary issue on Wednesday April 23rd! Who's gonna be the coverboy(s)? What kind of undies or swimwear is he (or are they) gonna wear? Hmm, I guess the only way to find out is to camp out at the mailbox and wait for Mr. Postman to deliver the answers =]


GayPornFans said...

Chris Rockway is the sexiest cover model they've ever had.

Anonymous said...

omg - just got my copy and I cannot believe the new look - *can't breath

Matt said...

who's the cutie in the middle (biggest) picture with the purple feather necklace? he's pretty beautiful.

Matt said...

okay i don't want to come off as desperate, but i really really would like to know the cutie's name that i asked about a while ago, the one in the middle with the pink feathers. where can i find more of him?!