Saturday, April 26, 2008

Young, Cute And Single...

Horny singles go wrong in life when they are 'brainwashed by society' to believe they need another person in life to make them happy. Instead of thinking about life as animals, who simply f*ck then move on, people believe they need relationships and love.

I sometimes feel I'm foolish to feel I need another person, a comp- anion in this chapter of my life, and then on the rare occasion I feel foolish to believe I wouldn't need another person. In all truths, I'm simply foolish to believe I need anything in terms of 'personhood' at all. I 'want' someone I can call mine, I don't need them. I 'need' someone I can go places with, but I don't need that person.

It's a shame but it is true. Horny singles go wrong when they believe they need a boyfriend (or a girlfriend). And unfortunately, anyone who thinks differently has either found some paradise, or has found some blissful insanity.

Interesting thought Justin, and here's how I see it. We are all human beings living in a society of another human being and from time to time we have our 'moments' where we need someone to share with, whether it be a friend (to go to cinema with), a f*ck buddy (to hook up with) or the Special One (to share our love with).

I seriously doubt that horny singles will 'go wrong' because they are being 'brainwashed by society'. As a horny single myself =P I'm still 'going (al)right' and living happily. Though the Special One would be a bonus for me, I won't lose my mind to look for him. I guess it's just a part of life that we all have to go through, to be alone and be with others.

And believe me, there's no such thing as right or wrong because it's ALL our right to make our OWN choice! Just remember, never regret what you've done, only what you haven't done.


Justin said...

Awesome PR8, I feel so privileged :-) And that was an entry from a long time ago too.

Anonymous said...

You show a new point of wiew..
I never thought this way, always seeking for someone to call "my love". (Maybe I just need a friend)

I know well what it means to regret what you've done and what you haven't done.
They both make me feel so bad.
I didn't change my life 'cause I NEVER wanted to...
I just let things happen, hoping sooner or later they'd turn the right way.
I'm a f*@#§£g a-+@?&e