Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Here I Cum Again...

See, ever since I got back from Australia five months ago, I had been dying for another holiday. And guess what? My dream had finally come true! Yes, flying out from Heathrow this evening, I'll be visiting the Big Apple, Beantown and the Capital City for the next ten days! WOOHOO! So, until I return to England, be good to yourself and each other! Maybe I'll bring back some photos from my trip as well! Cheereo =]

Monday, May 19, 2008

A Man And...

Sometimes, a bed is more than just a place to lie down...

My Precious...

Hey guys! Welcome to another Academy Awards of TMOP! A ceremony to pay tribute to the blogs that I love and inspire me. So here's how it goes. I will personally (well, electronicly) interview all of my Precious Blogs by firing them five simple questions, then I'll wait and see how many they can throw back at me. In this way, not only I can say my BIG THANK YOU to them for their hard work, but at the same time you'll have the chance to get to know them and discover why are they so precious to me!

And now, Boys and Gentlemen (sorry, no Ladies and Girls), let me present you the Honorary 'L'-list of the Precious Blogs of TMOP.

:: Awaiting reply from L'Homme Est Un Concept ::

:: Click HERE to view the interview of Lads I Like ::

:: Click HERE to view the interview of Le Gay Blog ::

:: Click HERE to view the interview of Les Ombres ::

:: Click HERE to view the interview of London Calling Luv ::

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Guilty Pleasure...

Introducing Lance, the sexy muscled Georgia Peach (soft and smooth on the outside and sweet and juicy on the inside) who will leave you breathless as he works his way to the crowd on Active Duty LIVE. Not only do you get to watch this duty man showing off his beautiful shaved cock and hot body, but you can also chat LIVE with Lance as well during his one hour LIVE show.

Apparently, Lance is a regular on Active Duty LIVE and will keep you cuming back for more every week. The website has won the 2006 Cybersocket Award for Best Webcam and after seeing guys like Lance in action, you'll soon know why! LIVE. Not only do you get to watch this duty man showing off his shaved cock and hot body, but you can also chat LIVE with Lance as well during his one hour LIVE show.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mile High Club...

Two men having sex in a jetliner's restroom started a terrorist scare during a flight from London to New York.

According to a report in the New York Daily News, authorities released details of the incident, which culminated in the Air Force deploying fighter jets and two British men confessing to participating in drug- induced sex in the plane's lavatory.

The two passengers aboard American Airlines Flight 101 reportedly made FOUR or FIVE trips to the bathroom together during the flight, which made crew members suspicious, so they reported it to the pilot.

American Airlines spokeswoman S. Whitemon said the pilot requested that local authorities meet the two passengers, whose names were not released, at the Kennedy airport gate.

The two British passengers were asleep when the plane landed, unaware their behaviour had put officials on high alert. They were escorted off the plane in New York by agents from the Port Authority, Customs and the Federal Aviation Administration.

No drugs or suspicious items were found on the two men, but police said they admitted to smoking crack cocaine and having sex in an airplane restroom. No criminal charges were filed.

Immigration officials denied the two tourists entry into the country because of the cocaine admission, and the Daily News reported that they were sent back to London on a later flight the same day.

Oh what a shame! Well, at least they did entertain themselves on the plane, right?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I was surfing the net tonight and came across this cute photo, which reminded me of Britney's classic hit, Oops!... I Did (Mess) It Again.

Monday, May 12, 2008

One Last Kiss...

I'm not a big fan of Grey's Anatomy but this forbidden love scene bet- ween these two loving soldiers is simply too beautiful, too romantic, too touching, too awww...

Darren (Benny Ciaramello), an ill soldier was awaiting a brain tumour surgery and his beloved boyfriend, Todd (David Giuntoli), who was about to be deployed overseas, had offered to go AWOL (Absent Without Official Leave) to help him recuperate, even to the objections of his partner. Of course, their shared affection for each other leads to a passionate kiss but it was (sadly) interrupted by Darren's angry father, who ordered Todd out of the room.

Anyway, it was a sad ending for the two because Darren died and Todd was not in the room with him. They didn't even get to say a true goodbye =[

At least they had the kiss felt around the world and in my heart.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

What's In Cum?

My previous post on cumming and sexual enjoyment has lead me to another question, what's in our cum?

I mean, besides it's a veritable nutrient-rich soup that contains sugars, proteins, minerals, vitamins and sperms, does it contain affection, intimacy and love? Or it's just some thick white body fluid that filled with excitement and lust?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Has He Enjoyed It...

Well, tonight I was 'unexceptionally' brave (and horny) enough to meet a guy I met online. He's Irish and he's cool. Anyway, to make my long story short, we had sex. However, for some reason I was unable to stay hard throughout our session and I never had an orgasm from topping him, instead I blew a massive load while he was kissing (he was really good at that) and fingering me.

Of course I had an absolute wonderful time, but at the same time I kept thinking that I might have let him down as he didn't cum at all! I felt so awful afterwards and kept apologising to him for my 'underper- formance'. But to my surprise, he told me I did an excellent job and said that he had lots of fun getting me off even though he didn't cum. In my mind, I was like, "What? Are you telling the truth or are you just trying to sympathise with me?"

On my way out, we exchanged our numbers and he asked me to drop by, whenever. He was sweet but he also left me confused.

So my question is, does cumming mean enjoyment (and vice versa)? It's just that I always thought in order for us to enjoy sex, we NEED to have an orgasm and we NEED to cum to prove it. Or have I watched too much porn?

Friday, May 09, 2008

Who's Next...

WooHoo! The Ministry of Pleasure has been featured again! This time by the premier modelling blogazine NEXT ExpressMEN.

Unlike the typical 'standard' interview, the questions that they asked me were kinda fresh and different, which made the whole interview so fun and interesting! To read my full interview, click HERE. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Breaking News...

HURRAY! The Queen of Pop is hitting the road again! According to her website, Sticky & Sweet Tour (I LOVE the name of it) will kick off on Aug 23 (just days after Her Madgesty's 50th birthday) at Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales. The tour will then move on to other major European cities including London on Sep 11 and Paris on Sep 20.

The U.S. will be graced with her presence on Oct 3 at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey, with stops at New York's Madison Square Garden on Oct 6 and 7, followed by performances in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and more before stopping at Miami's Dolphin Stadium on Nov 26.

Wow! I can just tell her Sticky & Sweet Tour is gonna be a BIG success for the Material Girl, with Hard Candy debuting at number one in the album chart in 27 countries last week.

Tickets for the London, Paris, Cardiff and Nice shows will go on sale on May 16, with other ticket release dates to be announced.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hot Boys Exploring Hot Oz...

Follow the Adventure is a free online show featuring the sexy adven- tures of gay friends in Sydney and around the world.

The series started off in Europe in 2005 but soon moved to Sydney with its founder Vincent. He and assorted friends travel up and down the Australian Coast and explore house parties, Oxford Street nights, beachside sunrises, and even the inner Drag Queen in all of them!

Here is one of the episodes in Season 2 where the boys retreated from Sydney to the beautiful Boomerang Beach and spent a weekend in paradise. God, watching this makes me miss Australia SO SO MUCH!

Demo Deepthroating...

After serving a long time in the field, you do go a little, hmm, horny =P

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Shaving Kevin...

I remember once I was sitting in front of the computer, surfing the web one lazy day during the summer, when I received an instant message from a friend of mine, Kevin. Kevin was one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. At five feet ten tall, he had short dirty blonde hair and very beautiful blue eyes. He also had a well-defined swimmer's body, mostly from a childhood of baseball and then swimming. I have known Kevin since Freshman year, but we really got to know each other in the second year of college. Kevin tends to be somewhat immature and behave like a seven-year-old, but I find it to be a turn-on.

Anyway, he instant messaged me and the usual conversation began.

Kevin: Hey dude!

Me: Hey, what's up Kev?

Kevin: Not much. You?

Me: Same.

Kevin: Uh, are you any good at shaving?

Me: Uh, I guess. I've never cut myself before =P Why?

Kevin: Well, I have a swim meet tomorrow and I was wondering if you could help me out. My coach told me that I need to get myself about 1/10 of a second faster and I always cut myself!

Me: I guess I could help you out.

Kevin: Thanks! Can you come over later?

Me: Yeah, I'll come by around 7?

Kevin: Cool stuff! See you later!

Kevin signed off and I went back to surf the web. When 7:00 rolled around, my parents dropped me off at Kevin's house. We went up to his room and he turned on a movie.

"I thought you wanted me to help you get ready for your meet?" I asked.

"I do," he quickly responded. "My parents are going out to have dinner in an hour and my sis isn't home for the night."

"Oh, okay!"

So we watched the movie for about an hour and then his parents finally left. They told us they would be back around 11:00. As soon as Kevin heard his parent's car left the driveway, he got up and went into the bathroom. He returned a minute later with a can of shaving cream, a bowl of water, a razor, and an electric razor. I didn't question any of the items as he set them on the table in front of me. He took off his shirt and his sweat pants and sat on the floor.

"Okay, I'm ready," he told me eagerly.

"Alright, well, uh, what do I need to shave?" I questioned.

He raised his eyebrow and answered, "Well, I was on the internet and I read to take off the most amount of time, you shave everything except for what's on your head."

"Okay, then I guess we'll get started."

I grabbed the shaving cream and started lathering up his arms. It took me almost no time at all as there were hardly any hair there to begin. I rinsed off the razor and started to shave his armpits without any shaving cream.

"Wait, no shaving cream? I'm so gonna get cut," he sounded worriedly.

"Don't worry, I promise you won't get cut."


After I finished his armpits, I did a quick shave of his treasure trail (it's aweful to see it go) and moved down to his legs. I lathered them up slowly and watched as a little 'semi-tent' formed in his boxers. When I finished his legs, I rinsed off the razor and did a few swipes to his calves. By now, I could tell he had a 'full-on tent' in his boxers. Our eyes met for a brief second, then we both looked away, embarrassed.

"Well, looks that's most of what I can do."

"NO, WAIT!" he cried. "I need to take off my boxers and you need to shave there."

"You mean there?" I hesitated. "Okay, if you say so."

Kevin slid off his boxers, revealing a completely hard six-inch cock, cut, with low hanging balls covered in light blonde hair. I also noticed he had a patch of blonde hair at the base of his cock.

"Sorry about the boner," he told me as his cheeks turned a deep shade of pink.

"It's cool. We all get them and it makes it easier to shave the hair off."

I took the razor and began to shave his balls. They felt so amazing in my hand and I felt my own cock started to throb. I held on to his cock as I shaved off the hair on it before putting down the razor. Then I grabbed the electric razor and completely got rid of his pubic hair. Right before I pulled my hand away, I felt a drop of pre-cum landed on me. I just wiped it on my shorts and didn't even look at him.

"Is that it?" I asked him.

"Uh, what about the other side?" he questioned with a sinister look in his face.

He just turned himself over and I saw his ass. Lightly tanned, very little hair, and so perfect (I actually caught myself drooling). I took the regular razor and lightly swiped the area between his balls and his ass. I saw his cock actually get a little harder at that. I rinsed the razor off and then lightly glided it over his ass cheeks. I started to tell him it was done when he interrupted me.

"This might make it a little easier," he told me.

He took his hand and pulled his ass cheeks apart to reveal a hairless hole. I told him there was no hair, but he insisted me to do so, I quickly 'shaved' it and then told him it was done.

"Hold on a second, we need to wipe off the hair," he said and then handed me a damp washcloth.

As he was lying on the floor, I ran the cloth along his arms, through his armpits, and down his chest and abs. I wiped off the base of Kevin's cock and then lightly wrapped the cloth around his upper thigh. I brushed his balls with it and finished by going down his legs. He turned over and I ran it across his ass and down his crack.

"We are finally done," I said with a small smile.

He turned over and looked up at me. Kevin looked so sexy lying there completely naked and hairless. We stared into each other's eyes and then moved in for a deep kiss. Our lips touched and then they parted as we heard his parent's car pull up.

What happened next? You decide...

Monday, May 05, 2008

Guilty Pleasure...

Forget the Justin who duet 4 mins with Madonna, this Justin featured by ModelMen.net is way much HOTTER and SEXIER than the pop singer, don't you agree? Anyway, the gorgeous 28-year-old blue-eyed model has recently bought new bedding for his Big Boy Bed. As you can tell from the photos, he's been trying it out for a while but for some 'unknown' reason the new bedding just doesn't seem 'right' and he wants a second opinion. What could the problem be? Would you be able to help Justin out?

And before you think Justin's problem is solved, he has THREE more questions for you! Fortunately, they are kinda of straight forward to answer, so get cracking because there's no time to waste!