Monday, May 05, 2008

Guilty Pleasure...

Forget the Justin who duet 4 mins with Madonna, this Justin featured by is way much HOTTER and SEXIER than the pop singer, don't you agree? Anyway, the gorgeous 28-year-old blue-eyed model has recently bought new bedding for his Big Boy Bed. As you can tell from the photos, he's been trying it out for a while but for some 'unknown' reason the new bedding just doesn't seem 'right' and he wants a second opinion. What could the problem be? Would you be able to help Justin out?

And before you think Justin's problem is solved, he has THREE more questions for you! Fortunately, they are kinda of straight forward to answer, so get cracking because there's no time to waste!

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Justin said...

Cutie's got my name