Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mile High Club...

Two men having sex in a jetliner's restroom started a terrorist scare during a flight from London to New York.

According to a report in the New York Daily News, authorities released details of the incident, which culminated in the Air Force deploying fighter jets and two British men confessing to participating in drug- induced sex in the plane's lavatory.

The two passengers aboard American Airlines Flight 101 reportedly made FOUR or FIVE trips to the bathroom together during the flight, which made crew members suspicious, so they reported it to the pilot.

American Airlines spokeswoman S. Whitemon said the pilot requested that local authorities meet the two passengers, whose names were not released, at the Kennedy airport gate.

The two British passengers were asleep when the plane landed, unaware their behaviour had put officials on high alert. They were escorted off the plane in New York by agents from the Port Authority, Customs and the Federal Aviation Administration.

No drugs or suspicious items were found on the two men, but police said they admitted to smoking crack cocaine and having sex in an airplane restroom. No criminal charges were filed.

Immigration officials denied the two tourists entry into the country because of the cocaine admission, and the Daily News reported that they were sent back to London on a later flight the same day.

Oh what a shame! Well, at least they did entertain themselves on the plane, right?

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Lee said...

They should get into trouble for having crack on the plan.

And i wish i could have seen the expressions on the face of the authorities when the guys said we were having sex. Priceless!