Friday, May 02, 2008

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Whether you agree with me or not, I love London and I think Londoners always do it better than anyone. BUT before you get upset with what I said, I'm not talking about fashion trends or sex, instead it's something more pleasurable to the eyes as well the mind. South Africa-born, London-based photographer Dylan Rosser is not only talented with his camera, but his photos definitely X-posed The Male Form in all its glory and imperfections like a hard, raw Man-Candy! So, are you ready to suck some?

Candy Shop by Madonna

PR8: From being a graphic designer in Cape Town to one of the top male photographers in London. How did this transition come about?
Dylan Rosser: It was the frustration to do something with more creative freedom. Shooting for myself I really had no one to answer to and that is great. I still see it as a hobby that I enjoy and not a career. It is very difficult to make a living from shooting nudes so I have to earn my money doing other stuff as well.

What (or who) has most influenced you toward producing photography in your own unique style?
No one thing, really. The culture and images around me. Music videos actually inspire me a lot.

I love all your models and shots, but have you always enjoyed the male form?
I think the male form is very sexy. As long as it's a very well main- tained male form.

And where the hell did you 'capture' these beauties from?
Online model sites and Gaydar!

What draws you to a model? Beauty, physique or personality?

If you could pair up ANY two men in a nude photo session, who would you pick?
David Beckham and Brad Pitt.

Naughty story during a photo shoot?
Sometimes when shooting two guys they can get a bit carried away and excited and when I shoot male escorts they sometimes want more hardcore shots for their portfolio. I'll let you imagination do the rest...

So far, we already have The Male Form, X-posed, Man-Candy and Male Stock. What's next?
That's enough. I need a holiday! I'd like to do a book at some point.

Cape Town or London?
Cape Town. No, London. Sorry, make that Cape Town. Hmm... not sure. Okay, London.

Jocks, boxers or freeballing?

The Ministry of Pleasure?
My new discovery!

And last but not least. Madonna. Yay or Nay?

Thanks a million for the interview, Dylan! It's been a pleasure to find out a little more about you and I wish nothing but success and great- ness for you in the future. To view more male physique photography by Dylan Rosser, please visit his website

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Lee said...

I love his work, and now days it's hard to make erotic art without people screaming porn! But Dylan dose a awesome job at it.