Monday, June 02, 2008

Guilty Pleasure...

Tonight as a monthly routine, I tuned into Crimewatch, not just for the excitement of the program (I know I'm a bit weird), but also for the sexy Detective Constable Rav Wilding, a serving officer in the London Metropolitan Police.

Oh my, Rav is so fit! I love his dark hair, his beautiful eyes and smile and his hunky body. I just did a Google search and it appears that his dad is from Mauritius and that he's an ex-paratrooper.

"I was in the Army from a young age, so I'm more interested in being physically fit and healthy," Rav says. "I've played rugby all my life but I had to stop, as I was always getting my face bashed up. The makeup artists on Crimewatch hated me as they were forever patching me up. So now I just go to the gym."

Seriously, that buff bod doesn't just attract the ladies. I'm sure there are a fair few men, like myself, who would love to negotiate with the 30-year-old detective too. Talking about fit. Nick Ross (the previous host of CW) never did anything for me, but with Detective Rav, OMG, it would be a crime NOT to watch Crimewatch!

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Lee said...

He is the definition of a "cuddle buddy", he just looks so warm!!!