Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Made It...

As promised, I 'proudly' went to Prowler Soho yesterday (actually, I was panicking outside the shop for a good thirty minutes before I took a deep breath, crossing my fingers, and walked straight in) but sadly I only arrived at 2:30 PM and Lukas had long gone =[

Oh well, at least I made it into the shop and stayed there for an hour or so checking out the books, magazines, toys, undies and videos that I always dreamed of 'exploring' but never thought possible.

To tell the truth, I had calmed down a BIG time once I was inside the shop and was happily reading the fictions, flipping through the photo- books, browsing the DVDs and wondering just how big a dildo can a man take (I swear to God some of them are extraordinary humon- gous). Also since I knew nobody would care what I picked from the shelves, I felt as comfortable as if I was in a 'normal' shop. No shame, no embarrassment, no regrets but GREAT! And for your information sake, I think (and this is a big 'think' here) I got checked out by at least one (maybe more) customer too =P

Of course, I didn't leave the shop empty-handed! So what did I buy? Well, I didn't buy any 'adult' materials, instead I bought a fiction called Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman. I had started the first few pages of the book, and so far it seemed interesting (I'll let you guys know when I finish it). Besides the fiction, I also bought a doubled- sided Ranchy Wrapping Paper for a friend and grabbed three copies of free gay magazines, Boyz, FS Magazine and QX International. All of them are very informative and filled with photos of hot guys!

So overall, I would say my first experience/mission with Prowler Soho was a BIG success. And believe me, from now on they won't get rid of me that easily =P


NW007 said...

Congratulations Will !! Glad you did it.

Sven said...

Good you did it!

GayPornFans said...

Congratulations on your first visit. Here's to many more! I dare you to buy something "adult" next time.

daan said...

It's really sweet to read your experiences. Takes me back in time so many years when I visited my first adult store (Drake's in Amsterdam). Too bad Lucas had left, he seems to be a sweet guy. Have a good time reading all the stuff you bought!
And that wrapping paper is reason enough for me to visit that store one day.