Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Something Special...

Collide by Howie Day
With thousands visiting TMOP every day, I do received a fair amount comments and messages from people around the world expressing how much they enjoy the pleasure that I bring. Among all these messages, only a handful of them are 'special' enough to intrigue my curiosity to get to know more about the senders and here's one I received recently from a JUB member named Mr. P all the way across the Atlantic.

"I find it most unusual that I'm messaging you for the first time yet saying a good deal, saying things I wouldn't reveal to other jubbers until we came to know one another quite well. I honestly can't explain the why of it! I suppose I did get carried away for hours on end exploring your blog and its off-shoots. I almost felt I knew the type person you must be. It's weird, in any case..."

This is only a tiny fragment of his massive message. Some of you may think that he's just trying to impress me and say something he thinks I wanna hear. But if you've read the entire thing, you'll soon realise that Mr. P is definitely not as simple/shallow as you probably think. To me, he's just another kind genuine soul wanna to tell me how much my blog had touched his heart and I thank him for that. So if you are reading this Mr. P, I'd like to say a big GRAZIE for your honesty. I truly appreciate it and please keep in touch! Oh, also wish you the best of luck with your beloved boyfriend!

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Justin said...

Thank God for the Internet.