Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sun, Surf And Love...

Yay! I finally got to watch Shelter last night, and although it was kinda your 'gay confuse-coming out-happy ending' type of film, I was very impressed that it was so well made, very heartwarming and 'true' in a way that people reacted to certain things that are typical in a gay man's life.

To me, both lead actors Trevor Wright (Zach) and Brad Rowe (Shaun) had delivered superb performances and there seemed no reason to deny that they had shown great (yet sexy) chemistry on screen (it really made my heart melt when they had their first kiss at the balcony). But most of all, the story was so romantic, and I think that's the thing I crave the most in gay films and you don't see it very much.

So, whether you steal it, borrow it, rent it, download it or buy it, you have to get your hands on this film! It's highly recommended (by me) and I guarantee you won't regret watching it. An absolute 10 out of 10!

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goldeneyeuk said...


thanks so much for giving the heads up on this film, i manged to track down a copy to watch. What a superb film, one of the best gay films ive seen.

Highly advise watching Shelter