Friday, June 06, 2008

Unleash The Freaks...

Another summer, another Big Brother! Yes, I watched the BB9 launch programme last night and may I say, as well as freaks and weirdos (as usual) this year's BB has included a few eye candies in the House and here are two who I had my eyes on.

Also a part-time DJ, who dreams of being a professional footballer and having had trials with Manchester United in his youth, Dale rates himself 10/10 for looks and loves clubbing in Liverpool with his mates. He loves 'fit girls' and has a thing about women with funny noses.

Bills himself as a socialite, businessman and chef who loves 'money, food and success'. As a top chef Rex admits he is a 'professional bully' and claims to be a ladies man despite still living at home with his family. He has a preference for blondes and boasts that 'all the girls he has met have fallen in love with him.'

Hmm, you can't deny both boys has a beautiful face, I just hope their personality will be as beautiful as their looks, which I doubt so, as you need a certain 'type' of personality to get into the BB House. Oh well, all I want is to see them taking their shirts off and a bathroom with a glass see-through door is just the way to start this summer circus act!


goldeneyeuk said...

Dale is hot, but seems a bit of a tosser after watching his entry video. Time will tell.

There is something about Rex that i cant put my finger on.

PR8 said...

Hmm, his nipple?

daan said...

So did they show Give it 2 Me before the kick-off?

Big Brother hasn't aired here in the Netherlands lately. They started in 1999 (it's a dutch concept) and that first one was the only interesting year. All new, like an experiment, without interfering much from the outside world. At one point they joked that no one was watching them. They really had no clue at all.

PR8 said...

They showed Madge's Give It 2 Me after the kickoff. Great MTV! Well, at least I like it.