Monday, July 14, 2008

Can Someone Tell Me...

Does it have to be in a cinema or a restaurant? Can it just simply be hanging out or getting on? Or both? And how do you know if it's just a date or someone just being nice? Do you have to fancy each other? All of these?

I only started pondering this tonight because I just had a drink (and a short walk) with a guy I met online recently. He's 24, clean, tall, kinda cute, and had been his nice genuine self throughout the evening. Although there were some silent moments that felt a bit awkward (I guess both of us were a bit nervous) I'd say I did enjoy the time that I spent with him.

Having said that, something was bothering me. To me, I'd consider the whole drinking 'thing' as a meetup or a 'get to know each other' time simply because we just met for the first time. However, for him the whole evening was a DATE and this 'D' word was a bit too much for me to handle! Well, I guess to certain extent (if I really push the definition of it) I'd probably say that's a 'date' but how can he be so sure? Yes, we both like each other (nothing fancy or love) but I'm still unsure how do you define what a 'date' is. Is it the precursor toward a romantic relationship?

I see romantic relationships are more confusing than friendships be- cause just getting on with someone and becoming their friend is easy and you rarely have to ask if you're friends, but if you get on with someone you like and they like you, is that just another friendship?

Apparently, he had asked me out again on Tuesday evening which would involve a dinner and some drink at a pub. Whether it's another 'date' or not, I still don't know, but my answer to him was a YES.


Anonymous said...

A Friend

Friends are somehow different from
The folks we meet each day,
The hurried folks, the worried folks
We meet on life's highway.

They're different when they stop and speak,
Put out a hand and smile.
To get that kind of greeting,
I have sometimes walked a mile.

A friend is someone special when
He's walking by your side.
You want to hold your head up high
And take each step with pride.

A friend is someone you can trust,
Can talk to, man to man;
A friend will stop and listen and
Will help you, if he can.

You don't make many in this life,
The kind of friends that last;
But when you do you know it, for
Your heart starts beating fast.

Anonymous said...

My Dear, My question to you is...How you define dating?

The things is, you probably define date into a scenario where in the mood is romatic, a dinner in a fine restaurant, and so forth. In which a typical person would think. But its not. Dating may involve 2 or more person, in a casual place like fastfood resto.You can date your mother, brother, sister, a friend or your dog (if you have one).

Secondly, you cannot define if the person if being nice to you in one instace; it takes time and a process of getting to know the person. Have an open mind about it, and let it be. Things will unravel itself one at a time. Probably he's the one you're looking for or not.

I hope this will help you in some way. you blog.

dcgargoyle26 said...

Something to think about and somewhere I think a lot of folks miss out, is you should make sure you can be friends with someone before you try out more carnal developments.
Have you ever heard two people make plans and at the end confirm "ok it's a date"? Date's don't have to be romantically inclined. So Tuesday is a another date in my book and if you made plans to meet this guy out before it was a 1st date then too.

Truthfully does a label really matter? Your intent, and how you and he communicate that is what should be the most important. You see the romance as more confusing because the loss is greater if it doesn't work out. Expectations are higher because the "chance" of a mate is more exciting.

In truth it's just like the friendship, just two people looking to get along...the difference will be in his kiss.