Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ever Caught Up...

The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center's WeHo LIFE Program has re- leased a new online soap opera called In The Moment.

In The Moment is a West Hollywood made and based show, which highlights the modern dilemmas and dramas of gay men, reminding them of the responsibilities and consequences of gay sex and relation- ships. Plus, there's a handful of hot guys in the cast =P

Webisode 1 - In The Moment

Webisode 2 - Disconnected

One interesting thing about In The Moment is that at the end of each webisode, the viewer is presented with three questions, asked from the point of view of a character, which in turn encourage viewers to leave their comment and to discuss these issues on their web page. Creating a discourse on safer sex among gay men is the goal of this project.


Jon said...

thanks for sharing this. It's awesome.

kappyqueens said...

Thanks to add to your blog. My congratulations on the good work.
Javi Kisses.