Thursday, July 31, 2008

Love & Desire...

To certain extend, it seems as though I have this need to feel desired. If you know someone truly loves you, does it not matter if they desire you? Or does it matter? Does there have to be physical attraction in order to love someone? If there is no physical attraction then how can one desire you? To me, it is all confusing but the one thing that I do know is that it hurts when you know that you are not physically attractive enough for the one that you love with all of your heart and soul, and that alone can kill a person inside, which also makes me wonder, if everyone is equally beautiful and attractive, wouldn't love be less complicated?


Anonymous said...

hey bro, that's not love, it's desire as you say. Too much desire=pain=the cycle of suffering= buddest term "samsara"...the point is to rise above it so that you can begin to feel joy/love/happiness/compassion. I'm not above it myself but nothing wrong wit spreading the love/knowledge ;p


FlipFlopsBoy said...

I am not sure that ANYTHING would make love less complicated.

Unlike anonymous, I do believe love and desire go together...desire is different from lust...

And yes, we ALL want to be "desireable."

Anonymous said...

I love my friend he is soo attractive and I feel desire when I'm with him
we have some great sexy together but the I don't know if he feel the same about me and when I try to ask him he try to change the topic or don't reply

it's really hurts

anyway about your topic
we start with love and end with desire
cause maybe there is love but no desire

Anonymous said...

how would you know if somemeone has a feelings for you? or is it just a lust or desire. i have a workmate, very hunky and handsome guy. at the start, i dont have any interest of him. but lately i have a strange feelings he has an eye for me. he's married by the way. is this physical attraction, desire, love or lust ? im not too good looking either bad looking ? we had short sweet and sexy moments together . this only happens with people are not looking. but people start to notice lately. now im trying to avoid the guy. the hunky guy seems not happy distancing my self to him. he asks "why"? im starting to fall for him. i wanna ask him what his true feelings of me ? is this a bad idea? shall i just let my feelings for him unsaid?