Saturday, July 26, 2008

Love Me...

The One by Kylie Minogue

Recently, I'm totally addicted to Kylie's newest single The One. To me, this glittery, shimmering techno-pop beauty suits the pop princess perf- ectly, and she responds by investing it with one of her better vocal performances, managing to sound angelic and lusty at exactly the same time. Absolutely LOVE every single bit of it!


Justin said...

Oh Pr8, you rock dude.

Joseph said...

Thanx for yesterday's site: I have a blast! It' like peeping in the locker room!!!
Justin said: "you rock", can I make it you 'tecno-pop'? Hu-hu, I'm so funny, ain't I?
Well, you rule actually when it comes to find lust inducing pics :°p
Thanx again for that.