Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not Your Usual Bears...

Bearforce1 is the world's first true 'bear band'. No smooth looking boy band, they're four furry friends whose passion for singing and per- forming (not to mention entertaining) is what brought them together. Now they're ready to tour the world, spreading their message of love and fun! They obviously like a good party and hope you're will party with them!

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of bears. Not at all. However, I've found this video of their latest single Shake That Thing oddly erotic?! I mean, they're actually kinda great. Okay, the song may sounds very cheesily eighties, their clothes are very Bee Gees-Staying Alive, and the lead singer looks a lot like my boarding school housemaster who isn't gay at all, but I still think they're GREAT!

Compared to their first single entitled Bearforce1, I really think they've come a long way. Having said that, I still love it and that teddy towards the end of the video is just so... HOO HA HOO HA!


cummo84 said...

Love these guys; what energy they have.......great music and talent........obviously just want to have fun......BEARFORCE 1.

Dougie said...

You probably are not old enough to recognize those songs! That was an awesome video, thanks!