Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Room 319...

Hi, my name is Josh. I am 19 years old and this is what happened to me last year.

It was early that summer and I started running low on cash. After high school graduation I had partied a lot and enjoyed spending the last month with my friends before everyone would leave for college. Therefore my dad got me a job which allowed me to save up some money for my first semester in college. It was at a local hotel, but luckily not at a run-down motel outside the city but at the nice, four-star hotel downtown. Most of the times, I worked on the first shift in room service. This meant that I was in charge of refilling the rooms' mini-bars in the morning and delivering special orders like meals to the rooms in the afternoon. The money they paid was not great, but some guests would leave a tip and in addition to that my employer gave me a new suit which I had to wear and could keep at the end of the summer. Although it was tailor-made and fit very well, I was not used to wearing suits. I felt uncomfortable and wished I could hang out at my friend's home with only my swim shorts on. But this had to wait until the afternoons, when my shift was over.

One day, after I had finished almost all rooms on the third floor with refilling the mini-bars, I came to room 319. It was the same routine like at the other doors. I knocked, said "room service", waited a couple of seconds and then entered because nobody had answered. Not expecting anyone in the room, I headed directly for the fridge across the room. I opened it, saw that only two bottles of coke had been taken and turn around to get the new ones from the cart in the hall. Then I looked over to the bed and saw the most gorgeous guy sleeping on it. His body was only covered from the waist down, so that nice upper body was revealed. He was muscular with well defined abs and strong arms. His face was angular and he kept his brown hair very short. With one arm tucked in behind his head, there was a great look at his large, hairy armpit. Except for that bush of hair, his body was completely smooth. However, the sheets allowed a glimpses at his dark, brown pubic hair, which was not entirely covered. Just below that, there was the outline of a beautiful cock. Although it was soft, it looked like it pushed against the cotton and wanted to be released.

As I was checking the guy out, I didn't notice that I had slowly moved backwards. Unfortunately I had not yet picked up the empty bottles and kicked them over with my foot. At this sound, the guy woke up and stared right at me. Damn, I had been caught staring at him. Instantly I flushed and turned around to leave. I mumbled "sorry" and "room service" and left the room. As I shut the door, I heard a sound coming from his bathroom. Great, I thought. Now he is going to tell his girlfriend and call my boss to complain.

I rushed through the last room on the floor and hurried to the elevator hoping that the guy wouldn't come out of the room and follow me. When I arrived on the fourth floor, I breathed deeply and continued checking the rooms. All the time I kept thinking of that gorgeous body but at the same time feared my boss' reaction when I walked into the staff room.

Around noon, I had finished all rooms and took the elevator down to the basement. When it stopped on second floor, Shannon entered, who did the same job like me, only on the first and second floor. When I told her what had happened, she laughed. However, I didn't elaborate too much on the guy's looks and his few clothes. "It must have been the two models who checked in yesterday," she said. "I saw them checking in. Someone told me that they are in town for a photo shooting at the beach. I just love the looks of male models. Let us change the shift and let me run into them," she giggled. Wow, I thought, then it must have been another guy in the bathroom and not his girlfriend.

When Shannon and I entered the staff room, my boss was sitting at his desk and working at his computer. To my surprise, he didn't mention anything about the incident on the third floor, which meant the guy must not have called!

After Shannon and I had grabbed something to eat, my boss came over and told me that there was a meal delivery on one of my floors. I went over to the kitchen and took the cart which was ready to be taken to the room. A waiter had place two plates on it and covered them with silver lids. In addition to that, there were two glasses and a cooler with a bottle champaign on it. When I looked at the note with the room number, I gasped. It was room 319.

If you wanna know what happens next? Then give me TEN rea- sons why I should continue...


Anonymous said...

don't leave us in suspense, what happens next?

Anonymous said...

because it is so hot so far!

Anonymous said...

1. stories like these are interesting and rarely told

2. things left unfinished are undoubtedly wasted

3. already came this far, no reason to not finish

4. exciting yet arousing story

5. creative

6. you have fans and readers

7. awesome blog

8. impressive story telling

9. a lot of people try to relate to these stories and put themselves in the person's shoes

10. cause you're the best? haha!

Anonymous said...

here's reason 4.

TellYouLater said...

because if u tell us the rest of the story ill let u have my gay virginity (sorry, los tthe other one when i was still pretending to be straight). im willing to "take one" for the team. lol

Joseph said...

10 reasons?
Let's see...
I know:
You have to post the pic of a cute 19 y-o in a bum-fitting suit ;°p

Anonymous said...

You should finish the story because so far its an intriguing story, I want to know what happens with the 19 year old and the models, things left untold to a story that already started is pointless, you seem like a good person who wouldnt let us down, I like where the story is going, I want to know if my theory of what happens next is true, I like the way you've told the story so far, I would like to see more pics, I like the creativity, plus Im a fan so far.

PR8 said...

Come on guys! THREE more comments to go!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

1. Because I just about screamed when I couldn't finish the story.
2. Its no good to be a tease
3. Its fun to leave it to my imagination but why when I can have the real story.
4. Whats the food that was ordered?
5. Suspense kills the mood after too long
6. Tomorrow I might not be able to read it due to some crazy accident.
7. Reading helps the brain
8. The story might improve someones day
9. Everyone loves a good story from beginning to end
10. PLEASE I'm begging you in my boxers

Anonymous said...

Because it's hot, and it's awesome : )

just like, needless to say, your blog :D

Larry marty said...

ten hard reasons in my hand right now waiting for the rest of the story ... damn

great start! ....