Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Time To Share...

There's no deny that we all love porn, whether it's hard or soft, straight of gay, photos or videos. And I do think everyone has their favourite porn star(s). Now, instead of telling me the name(s) of your porn star fancies, I'm more interested to find out what are your desired qualities in a porn star?

For me, he has to have a decent face, a firm defined body but it does not have to be muscular. Preferably a good sized dick (well, at least above average) and loose hanging balls.

I love smooth guys, but if he has body hair, it should be neat and tidy and not left to run free. Vocal is good for me too and they have to be able to 'act' like they are there for the sex and not the money, which is quite a gem if you find one!


GayPornFans said...

Well it's difficult not to mention my faves when you have posted pics of two of them (Jackson Wild and Derrick Davenport). My type is similar to your although I hate tattoos and piercings. I also prefer smooth or a little body hair (Gage in the third pic is not attractive to me).

Anonymous said...

Don't like piercings.

Do like body hair and am TOTALLY turned off if they shave their pubes.

Like a little meat on their bones, though not flabby -- and overbuilt/over-muscled bothers me for some reason. Guys like that don't look like they have any fun.

Dick size is not so important, so long as they seem approachable. Derek Davenport is physically gorgeous, but I get the feeling he'd as soon spit at you as look at you.

And I like 'em dark-haired, not blond.

No -- I'm not at ALL picky.

super-dodo said...


It's easier for me to say a few names than to start describing everything. The ones that come close to my ideal port stars would be Sebastian Bonnet, Tommy Hansen & Julian Armanis... maybe add Lukas Ridgeston to that row as well. Pretty much sums it up.

Now if only I could find someone that has a mixture of all of the above in real life...