Sunday, August 24, 2008

Give It 2 Me...

Don't stop me now, don't need to catch my breath, I can go on and on and on. When the lights goes down, and there's no one left, I can go on and on and on. Well, I think these two lines of lyrics really sum up Her Madgesty's STICKY & SWEET opening night in Cardiff on Saturday as it proves that she can definitely go on and on and on!

At the age of 50, it's impossible to deny that Madonna still knows how to kick ass with style and entertain a 40,000 crowd continuously for two whole hours. She looks stunning and simply untouchable!

Despite a late start (so what, I've waited longer for bloody Westlife) I truly enjoyed the concert from start to finish. The choreography was absolutely spot on, the lighting was perfect, the dancers were sexy and well performed. And on top of all that, Madonna sang amazingly well, danced well, and had an energy the others did not!

Having said that, compared to CONFESSIONS, I still think there are something missing about STICKY & SWEET. I mean, all the listed songs were brilliantly reworked (I especially loved the techno remix of Like A Prayer and a rock take on Borderline) but I was a bit disappointed that she repeated few songs from her previous tour.

Secondly, sorry to say but I just hated the rock version of Hung Up, it really ruined the song! And finally, it'd be nicer if Madge could interact with the audience a bit more, although at one point she shouted, "This is the bit where I take requests," and leaded us singing Express Yourself, then changed her mind. "F*ck that sh*t, I choose the songs."

Otherwise, STICKY & SWEET is a big hard 10 out of 10. And if you hold a ticket for one of her upcoming shows, all I can say is brace yourself for a sweet journey to remember!


ConteudoG said...

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Anonymous said...

I was lucky to join the Golden Circle in Zurich. The show was absolutely great! There were 72000 people visitig the venue! :-)

Luculent said...

I get to go see her when she hits the USA....I am in Texas, so will be driving to Houston to see her. I am too excited for words!

thanks for this review!