Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Like Me, Like Me Not...

It's a game all single gay men play. Human beings need to be liked. When we were young, we wanted the other kids to like us, we wanted to be popular, to be picked to play football, to be asked to the ball, to be asked to sit at the 'cool' table at lunchtime. Now that we are grown up we still want other boys to like us. We work out, wear nice clothes and say the right things, all in the hope that someone likes us back.

But it's all a game that you win when you find love. Some of us keep playing the game over and over without anyone winning at all. But if you do not play the game, you may never win.

So how do you know if someone likes you? Are there clear rules? Wouldn't it be easier if the person just said it out loud, "I like/love you!" But often confusion can lead to anxiety and even more games.

At the moment, I'm too confused to play the game. I'm just working on liking myself. Besides, I've always liked to play with myself and I was never the popular kid in school anyway =P


Cyan said...

To every game, there are cheats.
The special cheat for this game requires no codes or combination of buttons.
The special cheat only requires that you be open to the cheat.
The cheat does not care who, what, or when you are.
The special cheat gives and takes.
The special cheat can only be acquired if you become a special cheat to it too!

Can you guess what it is?

The special cheat is:

Who want you, but not who you want to become.
Love you, just not sensually.
Be with you, just not sleep with you.

Take care Will!

kappyqueens said...

great photos and great post, my congratulations

jared said...

I met someone back in May on my birthday. He already resided where I was moving to go to college. We hit it off pretty early, and I invited him to move out of his mom's house and into my apartment.

Despite the incidents that have plagued us as of late, we have a strong understanding of each other. There isn't a morning that goes by that I don't feel lucky to wake up next to him. We've been together for such a short length of time, but the first time in my life, I finally feel wanted and appreciated and feel as though I have known him forever.

I was never the popular kid in school either. Only my closest circuit of straight friends that have stuck around and supported me since coming out to them 2 years after high school. I couldn't ask for a better group of friends.

Back to my bf and I, we are still getting to know ourselves. There are a few aspects about ourselves that we dislike, but we are taking steps to correct them and helping each other out in the process. I am falling for him, too, and I know he feels the same...and it feels good.

Beautiful post, PR8. I hope you overcome your confusion and get back in the game soon.

Patric said...

I have the same issues too...while growing up... at that time there's no distinction between like and love...but even today...I am still totally confuse...oh well, its just me :)