Saturday, August 09, 2008

Olympics Candy...

The Beijing Games has officially started and the media is now turned their attention onto all Olympians. So, here's a good one for you all. Recently, French TV network TF1 featured Greco-Roman wrestling bros Christophe (L) and Steeve Guénot.

22-year-old Steeve had his best performance ever by winning a silver medal at the 2007 World Championships in the 145.5 lbs class, and 29-year-old Christophe claimed the bronze in the 163 lbs class. Beijing is their first Olympic selection.

In the video, the TF1 journalist revels in the brothers' twin-like close- ness. They wrestle, relax and live together. They also do the same job, as security officers for the Paris metro. They appear shirtless at every turn, even as they return home after training, making the report too HOT to be missed! Just be warned, there'll be a GIANT hose and plenty of sexy muscle involved. Enjoy!

Well, if you still think the Guénot brothers cannot satisfy your wr- estling fantasy, then Brent may be able to give you a helping hand. From checking his weight on the scale to messaging and eventually showing off his rock hard heavyweight cock through his singlet, the Canadian porn star has everything you'll ever need to tease and please your mind! WHAT? You want more? Check out Brent's blog HERE for more photos and videos =]

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JackJack said...

You really like the french guys !!! In all post about olympics you speak about the french sportmen. I'm french and I'm agree to say that french are handsome and the best !!!!! :)