Saturday, September 13, 2008

Are You Chicken?

Chicken is a game designed to test the nerve of the players involved. Many believe the only way to play a game of chicken is to involve cars in which two people each get into the driver's seat of a car and drive straight towards each other at top speed, the first to swerve out of the impending head-on collision is the 'chicken'.

However there are other ways that a game of chicken can be played, like this one, which I think is more fun than killing yourself in a crash. Anyway, both guys are so sweet, but I particularly love the one with dark hair and you can tell when his friend had his dick in his mouth, he was ROCK HARD!


GayPornFans said...

I liked the dark haired guy too.

Anonymous said...

Nice game. Wish there was more of CHICKEN game. HOT. Dark haired guy was wayyy HARD