Friday, September 19, 2008

Being Straight With...

When it comes to gay porn, there's no doubt that Corbin Fisher is one of the leading sites on the internet today and a great place to start perving over all-American college jocks.

CF has been a favourite of mine for quite a while (since the introduct- ion of Patrick) but not until recently I've decided to enrol the member- ship and have a full-on experience. So, after a month of living in the CF Campus, what is my verdict?

Honestly, I don't think CF is that bad at all (compared to what many people think). Yes, it's true that few of the main guys have been on there for a heck of a long time and they keep popping up and f*ck/suck each other again and again and again and again, but nevertheless, they are all still very attractive looking and hot enough to give me a hard on! That's all it counts, right?

On top of that, I just love the diversity of 'actions' that he can offer to his subscribers. From solo to duo to trio to quartet, and once in a blue moon, the boys will have a gangbang party when things can get a bit out of hand (wink, wink).

CF, however, could use some newer blood, people we haven't seen before, which thank God he's been doing lately. In terms of the SAME boys, I think it's fine for him to keep rotating the 'regulars' but just not as often. He also needs to add diversity to his models by getting more exotic and hairy dudes as not everyone is into smooth caucasian 24/7!

And last but not least, where the hell are the gay college dudes? I know it's hot to watch straight guys making out but sometimes it just gets on my nerve to see them talking about girls in the beginning and then f*ck each others brain out at the end. We need MORE Carter, Patrick and Ryan, aka the Gay Tag Team!


FlipFlopsBoy said...

None hotter than Corbin!

goldeneyeuk said...

Ive got a thing for TJ, he is so hot.

GayPornFans said...

Have to say I think Randy Blue is a better site. You get more for your money with three video uploads a week and three live web shows a week. Plus I think the guys are hotter (I have 8 current faves on the site).

Shane said...

Been a member of CF for about a year now. Travis is absolutely gorgeous!